Month: October 2011

Curious Craft Exhibition

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I am very excited about exhibiting my work at “The Curious
Crafts Exhibition”, to be held at the Curious Duke Gallery, 207 Whitecross Street, London. I will be launching a selection of my most recent framed Fashion Illustrations as well as some hand printed neck scarves which I also exhibited at my degree show.

This exhibition’s stated objective is “to display the most
exciting, innovative and contemporary of crafts, bringing a whole new meaning to the word.

It will showcase a broad spectrum of craft disciplines including jewellery, textiles, millinery, ceramics and glassware and is on from 3rd November  (Private View 6-9pm) – 17th
November 2011, so is most definitely worth a visit!

Zara Wood

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I love the illustrations of Zara Wood; I came across her individual style when she did her ‘Woody for Topshop’ range in 2008! Now I’m an avid follower of her design work.

Forgotten Pages

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Like many artists I carry a sketchbook everywhere as one never knows what will spark the next creative idea, I try to revisit these sketchbooks and incorporate previous ideas into current projects (which always get altered during the development process) so I thought I’d share some of my original drawings in the stages before Photoshop and Illustrator become involved.


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Hand embroidery is something I have always been very passionate about, ever since my first year at university I would embellish into my print samples with intricate detailing and beading.

Since graduating I find that with tight design deadlines and commercial constraints it is an art which I rarely have time to indulge in.

However several weeks ago I was lucky enough to be given an internship at the prestigious ‘Hand and Lock’ – School of Embroidery, where on my final day I was allowed to work on my own project. Looking through pages of forgotten drawings in my sketchbook I was able to recycle a few ideas!

My aim is to continue working into this sample in my free time ie: work breaks and when travelling, making this otherwise wasted time productive.

Fifi Lapin

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 I’m a huge fan of the ‘Furry Fashionista’ Fifi Lapin, the concept of using a rabbit for fashion illustrations I feel is highly original, certainly stepping outside the box with Fashion Drawing! Also the fact that there is so much potential within the designs, which can be used to liven up a multitude of lifestyle products. Who says Fashion Illustration should serve only one purpose to the designer?!

I think that I am drawn to this as its reminiscent to the way I work, dressing my vintage doll illustrations in outfits inspired by current trends.


Museum Of Childhood

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Quite possibly my favourite museum of all time! The Museum of childhood (Bethnal Green) is a wealth of of inspiration, full of toys from the past 200 years to present day.

I always visit armed with sketchbook, colouring pens and camera when about to embark on a new project and always come out with fresh ideas! I made a research visit yesterday and though I’d share a few of my muses which have inspired my work throughout the past 4 years.

Damini’s Couture

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I’m completely enraptured by the work of Damini Hans (Damini’s Couture), its sophisticated, edgy, young and uses a fresh colour palette, I want everything!

Brat and Suzie

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I am so inspired by these beautifully detailed printed garments by Bratt and Suzy, they are just full of life and character!