Month: November 2011

Zizi’s Deliciously Stylish Competition.

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I’ve just submitted my entry into Zizi’s graduate Competion, The brief is purely to be inspired by the words ‘Deliciously Stylish’

I have really enjoyed designing this piece, the brief was very free allowing me to be open with my illustrative style, I have created two edgy fashion dolls, which to me conjure up images of Milan and Italian Fashion (as Zizi’s is an Italian restaurant surrounded by organic produce…….Fingers Crossed!

Exuberantissimo quirky designs bursting forth with life and colour, illustrations as fresh and young as the ingredient’s used in Zizzi’s menus!

Fashion Illustrations in Amelia’s Magazine

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I was very excited to see my work on Amelia’s Magazine Website today; Illustration of Brooke Roberts’ ‘Medical Inspired Knitwear.’

Miss V Framed Xmas Prints

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I’ve designed some new prints, which are framed and I will be putting up for sale, here are my first two Xmas designs (£15 each contact me if interested or want more details).

Grandma’s House

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As a child I spent weekends and holidays at my grandparents’ house and whilst there I would sit in the living room by the fire and draw my surroundings as the house is full of unusual ornaments and vintage treasures.

Looking back now I feel that the time spent at this house has had a huge influence on the style of my work and the illustrative direction which it has taken.

China Pig

Cox and Baloney Vintage Boutique

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I’m Currently having a rest from the hustle and bustle of London by escaping to my home town of Bristol for a few days! Looking for fresh inspiration I took a trip to Bohemian Gloucester Rd, which has a wealth of small independent shops and Cafe’s.

I discovered Vintage Clothing Boutique : Cox and Balloney which had a delightful little tea room built in and the shop is like an Aladdin’s Cave of vintage objects and clothes! What attracted me the most to this boutique was its layout and decor and the merchandising really has maximum Visual impact!

Greeting Card Designs

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Today I’ve been finalising my greeting card designs as I aim to have a huge batch printed tomorrow! There are going to be over 20 different designs from blank greetings to Christmas cards, here’s a sneak preview of a few designs :


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Several weeks ago I came accross a stall at Spittlefields market which was selling printed tops and garments,I couldn’t resist and treated myself to a cream T-Shirt with a black and white print of a dapper male character, wearing a bow tye and wide framed glasses.

I now wear this top with black high waisted skirts and under dresses, combined with a similar pair of glasses as I do love sporting a bit of geek chic!

I’ve just had a peek at their website and they have some wonderful pieces on here :

Rocotillo T-Shirt Competition

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I just got my entry into the Rocotillo T-Shirt Design contest (today being the last day for entries).

Rocotillo’s is a very cool 1950’s American Diner style restaurant, complete with red leather seating booths and Duke Box, located in home town of Bristol, at the top of fashionable Park Street!

The competition was to design a uniform T- Shirt for staff to wear and it would also be on sale in the Restaurant.

For my entry I adapted one of my illustrations of a vintage toy mouse (as I feel its important to keep a strong signature style whilst designing), which I colour co-ordinated with the decor in Rocotillo’s and styled as 50’s rocker to fit the companies image.

Pip Studio

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Since moving into my flat last year I have filled it with Pip studio products including bedding, crockery and bathroom towels.

I was drawn instantly to the blue ‘Shabby Chic’ bedding with its stunning prints, The baby blue base colour works beautifully with the yellow, pink and red floral prints and the closer one looks at the print the more dimensions are discovered, from white silhouettes of girl’s heads, to bows and patterns and co-ordinate floral prints and lace trim around the edges of the sheets.The duvet cover and pillow cases are also reversible, with a red and pink rose print on a clean, white background which makes me feel rather nostalgic! Looking through some old photo’s several weeks ago I came across one of myself at just a few months old, fast asleep in my cot which had very similar white sheets with a repeat pattern of red and pink strawberries on. This bedding obviously triggers something in my subconscious mind which conjures up feelings of comfort, nurture and safety! Exactly what one needs whilst being cosied up in bed.