Month: December 2011

Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011

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Today I visited the Natural History Museum to see ‘Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the year’ I really enjoyed looking around this exhibition, although photography is an area of art which I have little knowledge about.

I was hugely inspired just from the visual impact of the photo’s, how well the concepts had been executed and the techniques employed! My overall favourite piece was captured by Daniel Beltrá, of a temporary bird rescue facility in Fort Jackson, His shocking image made a beautiful, striking art piece out of an environmental disaster which I feel draws awareness to this serious issue!

Rocket Rascals.

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This 1960’s print was my initial inspiration for my trademark “Space Dolly” I was just searching online for some products with the “Rocket Rascal” print on, I think these are winners:

Fashion Dolls……

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I’ve recently had some old favourites scanned at the printers (down from A1) to make them available as greeting cards and fashion prints, enjoy……………….

Gemma Correll

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I was given a rocking new bag from a dear friend for Xmas, I fell completely in love with the illustrators style who had designed the print, I’ve just looked at her website and am inspired to draw :

Sena Gu

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I came across the work of Sena Gu in the display cabinets in Canary Wharf Shopping centre, her crockery has a clean, minimalist look, intricate detailing using one colour in a specific area which makes it stand out against the rest of the piece which is white. These are on my Xmas wish list!

 ‘My Designs stimulate emotional connections, awaken curiosities and shared humour.’  – Sena Gu

Sooshichacha Cards

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These Card designs by Sooshichacha are definately worthy of being framed as small works of art:

The Sustainable Angle.

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I was lucky to be offered an opportunity to help out on the last day of the Sustainable Angle’s Future Fabrics Expo at the London College of Fashion (Nov 29th-30th).

A wonderfully interesting day, the expo was buzzing with buyers, industry professional’s aswell as students. It certainly made me reflect upon the bigger picture and the environmental impact of design. It is is everyone’s responsibility and when sourcing fabrics I would recommend starting from here.


Illustration of ‘Amelia Lily’ for ‘Amelia’s Magazine’.

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Last Week I entered one of Amelia Magazine’s callouts on Twitter for Illustrations of X-Factor stars 2011, I just had to draw Amelia Lily, I love the fantastic mauve and white tones in her hair.


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When looking for inspiration for my Fashion Dolls, I often look in ‘Fruits’,  Japanese fashion and styling is so edgy!

Dumpling Dynasty.

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