Month: January 2012

My Fashion Birdcage

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Keep you’re eyes on :

When It’s fully up and running, I’ll be selling a few of my classic couture pieces on here; it’s going to be a fantastic website for shopping!
‘My Fashion Birdcage is a London based online boutique offering the most desirable collection of up and
coming designer clothing and accessories from around the world.’

Finished Valentine’s Day Cards.

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Here are the completed designs for my Valentine’s Day Card Collection, they cost just £2.50 each, contact me quickly if interested, as there’s only 30 available of each design!

Valentine’s Cards

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My Valentine’s Day Cards have been printed, customised and just waiting to dry……………………….

Neckscarf Inspiration.

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I have been comissioned by a friend to create a neckscarf using using the following for inspiration:

  • Doll’s
  • love heart’s
  • Dove’s

which should co-ordinate well with navy and tan outfits and use different shades of pink, I have looked online for some visuals to give me inspiration and am now very inspired, this is going to be one one eclectic, edgy neckscarf!

Margaux Lange Barbie Jewelry.

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I first came accross the work of Margaux Lange when I was writing my dissertation in 2009 : ‘Barbie – Roll Model or Fashion Doll?’  Being a doll fanatic I LOVE EVERYTHING!

‘I enjoy the funny juxtaposition of wearing the body, on the body. Barbie has become the accessory instead of being accessorized. I take pleasure in the contrast and contradiction of transforming something mass-produced into unique, handmade, wearable pieces of art.’

– Margaux Lange

Favourite Menswear Designers.

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Here’s what my favourite Menswear Designer’s are doing in 2012:



Undergrowth Design.

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I came accross the fantastic cake stands in Paperchase, Tottenham Court Road last year and have now discoved the website for ‘Undergrowth’ I’m so excited!!

‘Victorian Dolls who got trapped by a TV set that fell out of the sky.’

Valentine’s Day cards

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Quirky Valentine’s Card designs to be printed next week!

Valentine’s Day Card inspiration.

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I am about to start designing some valentine’s day cards to be printed by the end of the week and so am  just doing my research online. These are my favourite cards on the market at the moment (I think I am going to collage/fill areas with different print/surface design as opposed to solid colour.




Applique Garment samples for children’s wear.

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Here are some samples which I created using applique and embroidery, following a Nautical theme – aimed at young girls aged between 2 and 5.