Dana Haim.

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I first saw Dana Haim’s work at the Central Saint Martins ‘Textile Futures’ MA show several years ago; her work stood out the most to me, I love her illustrations and use of colour .

I really want to do some screen printing, on any white surface, with my favourite flourescent pigment 🙂

‘This was the result of my thesis project at Central Saint Martins MA Textile Futures course. I was fascinated by the exquisite, fragile, feminine, ethereal, and luminous qualities in lace fabric. The year took me on a lace voyage where I tried several different interpretations of lace from videos to plaster sculptures. In the end I opted to use it as a tool to drive a series of very playful wallpapers. Lace was the driving force in the prints where I used several layers of printing, in a similar way a bride might use several layers of lace. I wanted to start from lace, but to shine a light a new quality that it could take on.’

– Dana Haim




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