Olympic pieces – Research and development.

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As mentioned in a previous post I am creating a body of work which is to be exhibited at ‘The Idea Store’ (Canary Wharf Branch) in May 2012.

I have spent the past 2 days researching and drawing in preparation, although vintage pin-ups playing sports seem like a very fitting theme for this project I feel that my best work is always produced when I don’t put up strict barriers or rules, so the initial research and drawing is always very personal and of anything which inspires me (this can then be moderated/developed to fit the brief).

I started drawing at ‘The Museum of Docklands’ yesterday, I felt this would be the perfect place to start as the final pieces are being exhibited in Tower Hamlets (aswell as the Olympics being held in East London) so detail of imported goods or anything iconic of the area would be great to incorporate; not necessarily in an obvious way to the viewer but maybe form a part of the pattern on the model’s garment or even part of her body.

Today I visited ‘The Museum of Childhood’ and ‘Pollocks Toy Museum’ to sketch some of the vintage doll and then can take elements from these drawings and incorporate them into the final pieces.



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