Month: May 2012

Work up at the ‘Idea Store’

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I popped to The Canary Wharf ‘Idea Store’ today to see my work and it looks fantastic against the lime green walls it’s on until the 30th May, definately worth a visit!

Fashion Illustration Exhibition.

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I am very happy to announce that my ‘London Fashion Dolls’ have now been put up at the ‘Idea Store’ Canary Wharf, and I am now on the website 🙂

Fashion Illustrations as a collection.

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Here’s the first picture of the ‘london Fashion Doll’ collection, just waiting to be taken to the ‘Idea Store’, I’ll be posting photo’s of the exhibition soon!!

‘London Fashion Dolls’ – Framed and ready to go!

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I’ve finished my ‘London Fashion Doll’ collection and yesterday spent the day getting prints made, mounted and framed.

They are now waiting at ‘The Idea Store’ (Canary Wharf) and shall be going up in the next few days.

Artists statement:

I have created this collection of Fashion Illustrations which have been inspired from London (mainly East) with detailing from imported goods brought into Docklands and iconic buildings such as The Gherkin and O2 Arena, translating the architecture into surreal proportions and pattern.

Dolls are always my main muse, so it is integral to incorporate them into every theme creating an eclectic fusion of displaced imagery and objects.

London has great deal of iconic events happening in 2012; from the Queen’s Jubilee to the Olympics and Paralympics, so I’ve adorned the Fashion Dolls in cutting edge vintage and contemporary garments; from crinolines to jump suits.

Each piece has been drawn in black ink to highlight the intricate detailing and then one area has been given colour – red, white and blue for the Union Jack and influences from British, vintage fabrics.

-All prints are limited Edition – with only 50 of each being produced: £45 (unframed)signed, numbered and I can provide certificates of authenticity if required.


London Fashion Dolls with Colour.

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Another day at my desk and I have started to add colour to small areas of the doll’s attire (red, white and blue to fit the british/London theme).

I’m leaving most of the drawing black and white to show the intricate detailing.

New Pieces, Development.

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I’ve spent most of today drawing as the deadline for this project is approaching fast.

Most of my fashion illustrations are quite freely drawn and very colourful, but this time I have found it therapeutic spending time on the intricate detailing used on my dolls and the naively drawn London buildings.

These are still not finished, I’m thinking of filling in a small area of each with a coloured, intricate fabric style pattern/print.

My artistic flow has really started with this project!