Month: July 2012

Queen Fashion Doll

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Almost Finished Fashion Doll 6, pictured by the ‘Orbit Tower’ (in the Olympic Park Stadium, Stratford).

London Fashion Dolls on Tower Hamlets Website

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This is awesome, I just found it on the ‘London Borough of Tower Hamlets’ website last night:

I’ll be displaying my work on the 6th August and the opening night will be after that, I shall keep you updated!

P.S. If you look at the bottom of the article, you can ‘like’ my event on Facebook! ūüėÄ

Brick Lane Doll – Original Finished

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After a late night of painting every brick red, I have finally finished my Brick Lane Doll (fifth in my London Fashion Doll Collection).



Brick Lane – Fashion Doll

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Today I started work on my 5th London Fashion Doll, I was so excited at the prospect of an Avante-Garde doll to suit my favourite area so I  just had to start here.

I still need to add some navy blue and finish hand painting the background bricks red (she is very onorous one for me as every inch requires so much detail), but I  do love letting my imagination wander as I spent hour upon hour doing so.


Exhibition Opening Night.

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I went for a meeting at The Brady Art Centre today, the opening night for exhibiting my ‘London Fashion Doll’ collection will be 13th August 2012 (18.00-21.00) I have a huge space available, but limited time so am aiming to create at least another 4 Fashion dolls :

Space Doll Print up

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I love it when friend’s buy my¬†prints and I get to see it up in their houses, my Space Doll print¬†works¬†divinely¬†with the deco¬†in my friend’s¬†lovely new place.


London Fashion Dolls – Development and inspiration

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I’ve been making¬†visits to¬†Brick lane and researching imagery¬†to inspire the development of my ‘London Fashion Doll’ collection.

Most of the¬†architecture used in the collection so far are modern builds (apart from ‘Big Ben’), so I’m thinking it would be an interesting contrast if the next drawings show¬†some classic buildings.

One thing which¬†inspires me about East London¬†so¬†much is the contrast of modern,¬†cutting edge architecture next to charming older buildings and¬†the fact it’s merely¬†a 10 minute walk from the diverse, Avante Garde Brick Lane to the Business District which is Bank, so the¬†styles¬†from both¬†areas change dramatically!

My Fashion dolls show a cutting edge mix of vintage mixed with contemporary, cutting edge attire to show the strong styles and changes within this area.





Exhibiting at the ‘Brady Arts and Community Centre’

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Several weeks ago I answered a call-out on the Tower Hamlets website asking for artists with an Olympic theme running through their work¬†to exhibit¬†at the ‘Brady Arts and Community Centre.’

¬†I’m delighted to say that on Thursday I¬†recieved an email saying that¬†my ‘London Fashion Doll’ collection has been chosen to be¬†exhibited for 3 weeks at the beginning of August :D!

The centre is my¬†dream place¬†to exhibit this collection as being located in Brick Lane it fits the Avante Garde ‘East London Style’ theme perfectly and is¬†close to all the major East London Buildings which I have used.

I don’t have a great deal of time as I’ll be putting the work up¬†early August¬†but would really like to develop the collection further, (maybe with a few more Illustrations). I’m going for a meeting¬†with them¬†on Wednesday so will have a look at the space and decide what else to do.


Collection so far :




Whitecross St Party-Prep

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I’m just getting some stock together to sell at ‘The Whitecross Street Party’ – I’ll be there from midday ‘Face-Tagging’ for Premier Art…………….See you there (more pictures to come).