Month: April 2013

Simone Shubuck.

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I’ve just come across the work of Simone Shubuck who is now showing at Taylor De Cordoba (New York) and I now feel incredibly inspired from her work, I could spend hours looking at each of her pieces, each has so much character, the more I look the more I see in each piece, I am now thinking about how I can develop my Fashion Dolls in a more abstract direction, I’m thinking ordered chaos with a multitude of happenings.


believeit-rev[1] simoneshubuck3[1]


3 New Fashion Dolls.

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I completed my final 3 Surreal Fashion Dolls last night and they were taken away for framing today, once I have them back on Tuesday,they’ll be ready to go with the rest of the series and to be exhibited at Debut Contemporary at the beginning of June………I’m so, so excited! 😀

Veronica Rowlands - Fashion Doll with Deer Veronica Rowlands - Fashion doll with tree

Veronica Rowlands-Fashion Doll with penguin

Original Fashion Doll paintings in frames.

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Here’s a quick snapshot of the 5 original Fashion Doll paintings which I’ve just got back from the framer ………they look fantastic in the hand painted, dirty grey wooden frames, with the dolls floating in the middle of the yellow inner frame space.

I shall have 8 framed in total, ready for exhibiting with Debut Contemporary in early June.

Think I’ll be keeping them wrapped in Clingfilm, under my bed so they remain in pristine condition……

Veronica Rowlands - Fashion Doll originals in frames 532892_10151452936427982_1421587292_n[1] 644528_10151452936867982_798927886_n[1] 923327_10151452936387982_1373241238_n[2] 923435_10151452936682982_1976834974_n[1]

The Coffee Art Project – Opening night.

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Friday was the long awaited opening night for the Coffee Art Project exhibition showcasing the work of the Artists’ who had submitted for the project.

It was a wonderful atmosphere, the room buzzing with creativity and a fantastically diverse range of artwork.

It also reminded me of what a worthwhile cause this is, as all the work shown in this event is to be auctioned off and the profits used towards making wells for the people in Tanzania who have no access to clean drinking water.

Here are my pieces of my piece ‘Barista’ and the opening night:

‘Barista’ – (30×40, acrylic on canvas)

Barista - Veronica Rowlands Barista - Veronica Rowlands




-Currently showing at the Truman Brewery (Brick Lane)

‘BREW’ – Opening

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Last Thursday was the opening night of exhibition ‘Brew’ – the coffee shop I exhibited my ‘Alternative Tea Party’ painting is very contemporary and so quirky, also met some wonderful fine Art students from UCA Farnham who curated the show………come and have a look ‘BREW’, (Goswell Rd, London)

BREW - Veronica Rowlands


bREW - Veronica Rowlands


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Tomorrow is the opening night for exhibition ‘BREW’, (Goswell Rd, London)

I’m packing up and preparing my now complete ‘Alternative Tea Party’ painting, here’s a sneaky peek; note the dapper Mad Hatter!


An Alternative Tea Party’

This painting was created using acrylic, ink and pastel and was inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’, a surreal fantasia.

My fashion illustrations are always inspired by vintage dolls, to which I add a contemporary twist. My Alternative Tea Party, which was inspired by Tim Walker’s fashion photography, resulted in this concoction of curious and whimsical characters.




I always have my original paintings scanned so I can make Ltd Ed prints; I had this one scanned at Clifton Print Services (Bristol), they are very friendly and always provide a top service:



Brew – Exhibition Opening.

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Just 2 days till the opening night of ‘Brew’, which I will be exhibiting my ‘Alternative Tea Party’ painting in Pop-up Gallery in Goswell Street, pop along………..



7 – 9pm, Goswell Road Street coffee – 160-164 Goswell Road.

My Bedroom.

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I’ve covered my bedroom walls in my framed Fashion Doll prints and , they go perfectly with the floral Pip Studio bedding and quirky ornaments in my room…………….my room truly is my little castle!


Project Waterfall – Coffee Art Project.

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This evening I went for a talk to meet a handful of the other Artists’ participating in ‘Coffee Art Project’, which is one of the main initiatives of UK Coffee week 2013.

I have to create and submit an original artwork by 12th April, my imagination is buzzing with ideas; the predominant one is a painting of 2 symmetrical women, one dressed as a barista and the other a customer, (maybe embroidering into details on the canvas), they are facing one another, their bodies and faces look identical, the only way of differentiating them is the uniform worn by the barista.

Being able to enter this competition was an opportunity which I relished, as it is open to all mediums and interpretation to it is something which I can really make my own and incorporate my Fashion Dolls into and most importantly it’s such a worthwhile cause; money raised from the artwork will go on providing safe, clean, hygienic water and sanitation initiatives in the coffee producing countries, the first project is providing clean waters to communities in Tanzania!

I have a super-busy few days ahead as I wish to create 2 more Surreal Fashion Dolls which will need to be framed in 2 weeks ready for my participation with Debut Contemporary when I start at the end of May.

I’m going back to my home town of Bristol on Friday and already have visions of myself: a great deal of caffeine, 2 A2 sheets of Cartridge paper, acrylic paints, gesso, needle & thread and a large canvas working on all 3 artworks in my family kitchen, letting my inspiration flow and develop from one piece to the next……………..lots of work, lots of late nights but my adrenaline is going mad and I can’t wait to begin!