Month: October 2013

Queen of Kitsch

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I’ve had a fun day today: I’ve scanned all characters from my Interactive wallpaper and have been developing them further (I’m rather attached to this little lady as the initial illustration was inspired from a photo of me as a child running though  a field of flowers with my arms in the air  wearing a pink jumper just like this one)……..nostalgic day.

Queen of Kitsch

Interactive Wallpaper development for second Art event in aid of Breast Cancer Care & Beating Bowel Cancer.

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I am continuing to develop my wallpaper further ready for my next Interactive Art event on 23rd November (in aid of Breast Cancer Care & Beating Bowel Cancer).

Veronica Rowlands Interactive Wallpaper 1 Veronica Rowlands Interactive Wallpaper 2 Veronica Rowlands Interactive Wallpaper 3 Veronica Rowlands Interactive Wallpaper 4

‘Scratch the Surface’.

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I have been pondering my new piece which I’m currently working on: ‘Scratch the Surface’ and seeing my changing moods reflect through this piece, most of my works are created as a form of escapism from the world, a retreat back to childhood safety; this piece is different, the doll has a  more sexualised element, mapping my transition into my late twenties, the risks I take and confidence which grows within myself represented by the hand hovering above the cheetah, she is unafraid and wishes to take risks, she’s in control of her destiny.

'Scratch the Surface'

Mixed Media, Art Workshop.

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These adorable little #people are one minute #continuous #line #drawings created by a year 5 student in my afterschool #Mixed Media, #Art workshop.

Veronica Rowlands - Art Workshops for children

Veronica Rowlands - Art workshops for children 1


New work.

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Here are some developments of my new 60 x 30 inch painting, this lady has a dark side ………

Fsn do

Fashion Doll



Susana Lopez Fernandez – Postcards.

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I simply love the work of fellow Debut Artist and Photographer Susuna Lopez Fernandez, she has been kind enough to share details of her recent body of work #Postcards from #Northern #Spain:

#Postcards from Northern Spain is a diary from a trip without the rush to our destination, in which the path becomes the star. #Postcards is a nostalgic diary which talks about memory, time and landscapes.

#Postcards was born by the observation of landscapes that were passing front of my eyes when I was driving, in a hurry towards my destination. I was so hurried to arrive on time that I could not stop to watch them.

Talking again about something I analyzed before in #SinPrisas: we are living too fast, I started this new project which talks about time, the slow trip, about the fun of driving, stopping and refueling and having a relaxing lunch without checking the watch if we are late. I talk about the present and the future will be allocated in a second place.

 #Postcards talks about the memory of landscapes, those we are losing because of the modern motorways, that often we prefer for the safety and velocity.

It talks about my memories when I was a child and I travelled with my parents long trips and we had to stop to sleep and that was a reason for a new adventure.

With all these things in my mind I left my home in the beginning of September to drive over the North of Spain, from Aragon to Asturias. Driving only through country roads let me stop and took pictures without being in danger. I took the pictures on a regular basis. For almost one month I drove through villages and roads, discovering natural and artificial water reservoir, shepherds, old bridge, etc.

I introduce fifteen images, I called the project #Postcards because all these are in a small size, like a postcard. Each picture shows those landscapes that I discovered during this trip. The name of each picture came from the country road where I stopped every time.

#Postcards is a tribute to my country, Spain, to all those incredible landscapes that it has and we have almost forgotten them.

Asturias Castilla.leon Castilla-leon Huesca IMG_7660 Leon Santander Somontano

Debut Contemporary Private View.

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Tomorrow night promises to be a fantastic night at Debut Conemporary, my ‘Surreal Fashion Dolls’ series and large scale ‘Once in a Dream’ piece will be on display.

Don’t forget to RSVP: