‘Kill Your Darlings’ Cup up Exhibition.

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Apologies for not updating for a while, I’ve just had the busiest (highly exciting) few weeks I’ll start by telling you about Thursday! Last week I created a submission for the ‘KYD Cut Up competition’ (‘Kill you Darlings’ is a new film out which stars Daniel Radcliffe) https://www.facebook.com/KYDFilmUK?ref=ts&fref=ts
the creative brief for the competition was to create an Artwork using the ‘Cup-up’ technique.
I wanted to use this brief for a new Artwork which focuses around the main concept but still sits perfectly with my other ‘Fashion Doll’ series.
Here is my final Artwork:

‘The Cut up Doll’;

Veronica Rowlands The Cut Up Doll copy

I have created this piece by tearing & cutting up newsprint and a poetry book, collaging it onto canvas between layers of gesso; which gives the background text a ghostly appearance. I traced over certain words in the text using Indian ink, and painted areas with acrylics to map the transition of the text into the final Artwork.

The Doll is reminiscent of childhood innocence away from the starkness of adulthood; I aim to give the viewer a sense of nostalgia, incorporating the ‘Cut Up’ concept into my art.

To my delight I received an email last Tuesday informing me that I was one of the winners and was invited to attend an evening reception at a 5* London Hotel with the other winners and Daniel Radcliffe last Thursday. At 8pm we promptly made our way to Waterloo to watch our Artworks be projected onto a building next to Waterloo Station along with advertisements for the ‘Kill your Darlings’ movie. It was truly magical and surreal watching my work be projected at that scale. The projections continued over the weekend at Shoreditch High Street Station and Camden Lock.

Veronica Rowlands Kill your Darlings Veronica Rowlands Kill your Darlings 2 (2) Veronica Rowlands Kill your Darlings 2 (3) Veronica Rowlands Kill your Darlings 2


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