New Series in aid of HELP Counselling

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Last week I had a meeting with psychotherapist Rina Malin to discuss my creating a series of works to be exhibited for the ‘Dream Ball’ (Notting Hill) and auctioned with 50% of sales going to ‘HELP Counselling’ of Portobello Road to help celebrate the launch of their ‘Dream Research Institute’ – a fantastic cause and well matched to my work which is created to comfort and evoke nostalgia.

The Artworks must follow the theme of ‘dreams’ (which is also a re-occurring theme in my art) I felt overcome with excitement and started my first piece this evening; I seem to be taking a more abstract approach and have great urge to use large amounts of paint… with all my works who knows how they will develop……I work spontaneously and my dolls are my therapy…… my Inner child let loose onto canvas.

I will post further details as my work develops:

Veronica Rowlands Dream ball 2


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