Month: March 2014

New paintings, development…

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I’ve started two new paintings to add to my ‘Dream Abstraction’ Series (see below)

Veronica Rowlands 'Dream Abstraction

Here are the two new girls so far; I started with some Kandinsky inspired circles and flower paintings as a foundation layer which have been covered in white gesso and now the ladies are coming together…I just need to add some bright colours so they sit nicely with their sisters….

Veronica Rowlands Dream Abstraction

(Her hair has gold highlights which shimmer under the light).



Veronica Rowlands Dream Abstraction (2)

Acrylic, watercolour and gesso on Canvas, part of ‘Dream Abstraction’ series.



Big Purchase..little bunny

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It was my Birthday last Tuesday and for weeks I’d been contemplating a special ornament I’d seen in an antique shop, this ornament is from the 1920’s and is of a small child dressed up as a rabbit placed in a glass dome.

I first saw it at Les Couilles Du Chien (near Westborne Grove) as soon as I lay eyes on it I had to go for a first hand look! I instantly fell in love with him; this little doll seems to echo my work so well and I’ve never had such an overwhelming urge to own something (considering he cost £97 it wasn’t a decision to be taken lightly, especially with the amount of practical things I need at the moment).

After three further visits to the shop I knew it had to be…..I’ve never been so inspired with a single purchase in my life and I strongly believe that when you can’t get something out of your head it’s a sign.

He is now homed on my bedroom shelf surrounded by photo frames and little ornaments which make it home…


Fashion & Character Illustration classes

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Saturday is the last ‘Fashion & Character Illustration’ Class (8-11 year olds) at Rosetta Arts for this year – it has been an incredible ten weeks and the work created by the children so diverse.

I teach my students a process and see how they develop the concept into their own piece; this ten week project had to relate to a Fashion Drawing or a new character/super hero.

The images below were an experiment where the students painted a square piece of cotton with white gesso and then drew their characters onto the fabric using oil pastel and acrylic paints….since these photos have been taken I’ve taught them to sew and they’ve been using appliqué onto their Artworks.

Veronica Rowlands Textile classes Veronica Rowlands Textile classes (2)

Veronica Rowlands Textile classes (3)

We have now photographed all of their artworks from the ten week course and in the final lesson will heat transfer (using heat press) their best works onto tote bags – teaching them possible ideas for development and Surface decoration.

Debut Contemporary’s third birthday party

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I can’t wait for the Debut Contemporary third birthday party on Wednesday evening….I will be there alongside my Fashion Dolls.

If you wish to come along just RSVP to to put your name on the guest list

Debut Contemporary PV