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Experimental Fashion Illustration classes at Debut Contemporary Gallery

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So yesterday was my second Experimental Fashion Illustration class at Debut Contemporary Gallery – the next one will be on Wednesday 11th June and the classes will continue on the second Wednesday of every month (7-9pm)


Veronica Rowlands is a London based practising artist and experienced art teacher and tutor who enjoys making her lessons therapeutic and highly productive.
 Have you ever wanted to be taken out of your comfort zone with your drawing to create cutting edge Fashion Illustrations in a short space of time?

Veronica Rowlands Once in a Dream Acrylic gesso oil pastel and beading on canvas 76x142cm

Now you can….. Veronica Rowlands is running Fashion Illustration classes at the Debut Contemporary Gallery in Notting Hill,(first one   Wednesday 14th May, second 28th May and then one to follow on the second Wednesday of every month.
You will be introduced to a range of media and taught different methods of drawing to two minute deadlines and at the end of the session use your new found drawing style to create a unique piece of artwork.

Veronica Rowlands Scratch the Surface acrylic ink oil pastels and gesso on canvas 76x152cm

The tight time deadlines leave no time to dither, meaning that you will work from the subconscious. By the end of the session you will have created an artwork unique to you and your tastes.

Veronica Rowlands Space Doll Digital print edition of 50 29


What is Beauty?

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The past few months have seen a change in my style of painting –not a radical change but a more abstract way of drawing with my series ‘Dream Abstraction’.

A few things have been playing on my mind recently (maybe due to the fact I’m nearing thirty and look at society in a more cynical way) – they do stay the artists style develops with the Artist and their experiences:

Last week I visited the National Gallery and purchased a book on Gustov Klimt from the gallery shop, it never consciously occurred to me but this series is similar to Klimt’s artworks of women.

When I looked through the pages I was completely taken by Hope I & Hope II the pregnant women in the artworks are breathtakingly beautiful, all of Klimt’s paintings are phenomenal! Other things which occurred to me; these beautiful nudes have body hair; ladies often appear to be above mid twenties and have feminine curves.

Hope I

Here is Klimt’s erotic vocabulary in its totality, from shameless body through perverse nuances of red head and red hair at the pubis, to the symbolic motifs of penetration resonating with the protruding belly. Around this picture of consummate femaleness appear elements of night and death.

Klimt – Giles Neret


Hope II

This made me think hard about what beauty truly is and the pressures forced upon women in this day and age to look a certain way………who decides that being silky smooth and hair free is attractive?! This is what girls are taught and believe (but let’s not forget the beauty industry is one which is worth millions and these are the people dictating to women what is ‘attractive’ and un-attractive, what young girl wouldn’t feel insecure with the new Veet advert which implies that women who don’t shave are men:

I’ve always been drawn to women and Dolls as a subject matter for my art and with next series I wish to explore beauty outside of what society dictates……





Experimental Fashion Illustration classes at Debut Contemporary

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My next ‘Experimental Fashion Illustration’ class at Debut Contemporary is less than a fortnight away, book now to avoid disappointment!

#Fashion Illustration classes

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Only a few days left until my exclusive #Fashion Illustration Classes at Debut Contemporary Gallery, I’ve been shopping getting lots of exciting paints and Inks for students to work with.

The first lesson has even been listed in Amelia’s Magazine:

There’s still time to book your place (but hurry, it’s looking popular).

Experimental Fashion Illustration classes

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I’m delighted to tell you that my first ‘Experimental Fashion Illustration’ class will be on Wednesday 14th May (7-9pm) and will continue on the second Wednesday of every month.

The first lesson will focus on fast drawings using a range of media and discovering new styles of illustration for the main part which will free up students creative style and inspire them to create their final Artwork to the best of their ability.