Art as Enterprise

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Apologies, I’ve been a bit slow updating my blog (my old computer literally fell apart) and today my new Mac arrived so I will be keeping you updated with what I’m up to…….

On 28th- 30th July I ran a three day ‘Enterprising Art’ Summer school for young people aged 11- 14 at Rosetta Art centre, which had fantastic results…….there were some highly skilled young people on my course!

I wanted to teach the students skills which they could re-use at home to create commercially viable products.

We started the course with timed continuos line drawings  on the theme of ‘My London’ and what this means to the individual albeit: Culture, Fashion, Art, Architecture etc.

Afterwards students made initial mood boards on their desired concept, a series of potential designs which were printed onto heat-transfer paper and ironed on to T-shirts and tote bags. Students were then taught a selection of hand embroidery techniques to work into their pieces. To finish they created a series of Fashion Illustrations and final mood boards as if they were to be presented to a client. I purposely chose processes such as hear transfer and hand embroidery as these are processes that can be used at home, especially useful to anyone looking at setting up their own customised textile business.

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