Vintage Doll Series

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I’ve spent the last few days working on a new series of ink drawings which feature vintage dolls as they are (only added an injection of colour). For my initial research I went back to the places which first inspired me to draw dolls…….Pollock’s Toy Museum & The Museum of Childhood, it was interesting to make a visit ten years later and re-draw the very same dolls which sparked my interest for what is now my predominant muse all these years later………….


In Pollock’s Toy museum I feel instantly at home in the ‘doll’s room’ as I reminisce my nineteen year old self and how cosy and inspired I felt in this rickety old house-museum away from the hustle and bustle of central London.


1458524_664035133680494_1928697732422416346_n 1459741_664350490315625_6650423842562874953_n 1908030_664402103643797_7089041041413019415_n 10247489_664034813680526_6847118276679721507_n 10408665_664032237014117_8248826141264684931_n 10514628_663805123703495_1061442558689707715_n 10525647_664035053680502_7103545570858911353_n 10527594_664352136982127_5746680412581273036_n 10544774_664352130315461_3049260078574965509_n 10550841_664352113648796_7470713684977384202_n 10550912_665139843570023_3299783274017146973_n 10570476_664031720347502_4587282688365079983_n



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