Vintage Dolls – development

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It’s been a week packed with research and drawings, with a trip to the Museum of Childhood on Tuesday, Pollocks Toy Museum on Wednesday, The Corner shop on Thursday and a trip to the Geoffrye Museum on Saturday.

The Vintage Dolls are developing FAST….a trip to the Geoffrey museum to look at wallpapers and decor filled me with inspiration, sketching the wallpaper patterns from the late 1700 ‘s and early 18oo’s started making me think about how the pattern could be re-used in a contemporary context.

I found my ideas changed and developed rapidly as I worked; my love for print and Surface Pattern were evoked……and new processes discovered:




Masking tape cut into shapes reminiscent of vintage wallpaper and arranged onto image


Veronica rowlands Vintage Dolls

background painted over


Veronica Rowlands Artist Vintage Dolls

Once paint is dried masking tape resist is peeled away leaving a white pattern


Veronica Rowlands Vintage Doll


Decided to use a bit of collage………….


Vintage Doll Veronica Rowlands


vintage Doll



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