Interactive Wallpaper project in aid of ‘Breast Cancer Care’ & ‘Beating Bowel Cancer

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The ‘Stress Busting Colouring’ workshops at CGP Gallery (every Friday of Summer 11-4 pm) are going fantastically, often with the same participants coming back weekly…and the wallpaper is looking AMAZING….i love how every adult and child add something completely new to this Artwork:

Stress Busting Wallpaper Colouring at CGP Gallery 10561671_669374143146593_1723076298995645796_n 10592871_669374499813224_2665452134316374076_n 10592908_669374833146524_6204154612810872676_n 10603359_669374223146585_3531516604841954530_n 10603666_669374763146531_2958080909739877230_n 10615566_669375399813134_2886363041796397942_n 

I’m also going to be holding a workshop with the painted wallpaper at Free Space Gallery (Kentish Town Health Centre) on Thursday 21st August 2014 (6-9 pm) to raise awareness & funds for Breast Cancer Care & Beating Bowel Cancer:



please come along and get involved…it’s for a great cause and as I’m always told ‘hugely therapeutic’:



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