Month: September 2014

Vivienne Hollis

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This recent meeting has really taught me the power of social media.

In July last year I was showing work at the Kentish Town Fare (alongside Free Space Gallery) when a lady came over and said immediately ‘are you Veronica?!’ it transpired that this lady was Vivienne Hollis talented artist  and founder of Artist collective Artists Who.

Vivienne had come across my work on Pinterest and then started to follow me on Facebook & Twitter and instantly recognised my work when she saw me in Kentish Town.

I started following Vivienne on Facebook and fell in love with her work, her style is so strong and work mesmerisingly beautiful, it fills me with inspiration to view the bright colours and intricate stitching and adornment in her works, i could lose myself for hours!

I’m delighted to say that were planning a joint show for next year… this space for details!

Sunshine Snow tbtt 1200 The Jungle1200 Seaside Symphony tbtt 1200

I can’t wait to see our work up together!

London Tube Icons

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I just got my entry in this morning for The Serco Prize for Illustration 2014:

Veronica Rowlands TFL characters



I created Illustrations which I associate London tube names with…..

Elephant & Castle


Kings Cross



Mixed Media: collage & ink (edited in Photoshop)



Just Giving Art Fundraiser in memory

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So the last twelve months I’ve been updating lots on my Interactive Wallpaper Project, in which I’ve hand Illustrated a roll of wallpaper, taking it around London Galleries and Spaces including: Debut Contemporary, CGP Gallery and Free Space Gallery asking members of the public to colour in or paint the characters.

I’ve now set up a Just Giving Page in which people can name a character in honour a loved one or indeed themselves as a lasting tribute to everyone whose fought Cancer. In return for the donation I will name a character of you choice after that person, or for a donation of fifteen pounds I will Illustrate that person onto the wallpaper by hand.

The two completed rolls of wallpaper will be exhibited at a solo show at Free Space Gallery in February 2015.

veronica-rowlands-interactive-art-11 veronica-rowlands-interactive-art-event-debut-contemporary-2

10378307_666928800057794_6192983948910618522_n dnl_9502

I lost my dear Stepfather Tim to Bowel Cancer in 2009 and now want to put my creative energy into  a project to help others and to honour Tim.

Read my story here and please do share and get involved x

As a child with my Mum and Tim

Tim x a15b7c68-749c-4556-ad5d-527afc4755c7


‘Human Suffering’ Exhibition

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Hello everyone,

Update time…… new work for the Human Suffering exhibition at Debut Contemporary Gallery has taken a sharp twist:

Girls, Girls, Girls


Combining two of my favourite things: embroidery and Pop Art………I wanted to convey my thoughts on how females (sometimes) treat each other, although all appears to be sweet on the outside: this is something which dominates my thoughts a great deal! Also with embroidery often being viewed as ‘woman’s work’ I felt it highly appropriate for this creation.

Mixed Media: Acrylic, gesso & embroidery on canvas

Once finished this piece will be exhibited alongside work of the talented Debut Artists at Debut Contemporary’s PV ‘Human Suffering’.

Human Suffering





Stress Busting Fashion Illustration classes at Debut Contemporary

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Next Wednesday there’s a very special 2 for 1 offer on my Fashion Illustration classes at Debut Contemporary Gallery…………

Come out after the two hour session with an Artwork which is completely ‘Outside the Box’ you will learn a whole host of creative techniques and processes and combine them together to create one final masterpiece……

Fashion Illustration classes



Human Suffering…..Girls continued……

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My new Artwork on the theme of ‘Human Suffering’ is developing nicely, at the moment the viewer is semi presented with the image of two girls wearing the same vintage inspired yellow, mohair jumper sharing the limelight

Human Suffering


As it develops it changes further from my original idea of two women fading into a mist (one pulling the other’s hair) in fact  the original image of the changing woman is only a ghostly image which isn’t completely visible…’s funny how  an Artwork follows it own path and the concept becomes more obscure but is still based on these deep feelings/ideas.

Interactive Art Event @ Free Space Gallery 2

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Last Thursday I held my second Interactive Art Event in aid of Breast Cancer Care & Beating Bowel Cancer at Free Space Gallery (Kentish Town Health Centre).

It was a lovely morning, buzzing with people waiting for their doctors appointments and many got involved and added to the wallpaper…which is looking GREAT!

Thank you to everyone who’s added to the wallpaper so far and to those who have donated to the charities. xInteractive Art Event 10606352_681603255257015_8743530544160946459_n 10612883_681603211923686_2061218425619418308_n 10639470_681603075257033_5305158495457063039_n 10689419_681603271923680_8347501869047854632_n 10698529_681603135257027_8836573801271634414_n