Interactive Wallpaper workshops at Kentish Town Health Centre

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Thursday morning I held my second ‘Interactive Art Event’ at Free Space Gallery. The first workshop was held on a Thursday evening bringing in a viewers of the A41 project and the second on Thursday morning during surgery times (‘Free Space Gallery‘ is part of Kentish Town Health Centre). Thank you to all who came along, you really brought helped brig the wallpaper to life and a huge thank you to those who donated to Breast Cancer Care Beating Bowel Cancer.

Wallpaper painting - Free Space Gallery 10354732_678005965616744_7571730768819328929_n 10410764_678005652283442_200905939550801629_n 10442530_678005828950091_1074631770727224075_n 10550958_678005515616789_8215703802480213209_n 10641263_678005598950114_5599527162553143754_n 10666088_678005818950092_23240348389127031_n 10686999_10152446069202982_5553781508451493339_n


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