Vivienne Hollis

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This recent meeting has really taught me the power of social media.

In July last year I was showing work at the Kentish Town Fare (alongside Free Space Gallery) when a lady came over and said immediately ‘are you Veronica?!’ it transpired that this lady was Vivienne Hollis talented artist  and founder of Artist collective Artists Who.

Vivienne had come across my work on Pinterest and then started to follow me on Facebook & Twitter and instantly recognised my work when she saw me in Kentish Town.

I started following Vivienne on Facebook and fell in love with her work, her style is so strong and work mesmerisingly beautiful, it fills me with inspiration to view the bright colours and intricate stitching and adornment in her works, i could lose myself for hours!

I’m delighted to say that were planning a joint show for next year… this space for details!

Sunshine Snow tbtt 1200 The Jungle1200 Seaside Symphony tbtt 1200

I can’t wait to see our work up together!


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