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Mythology, British Museum, Art & Trends

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Visited The British Museum this afternoon to see Witches & Wicked Bodies


Sketchbook Drawings

British Museum

On my way popped into Paperchase and saw their new stationary series appeared to be following a similar Mythology aesthetic…..Subsequently so did the competition I entered into That Which We Do Not Understand competition set by Amelia’s Magazine…..I feel a trend on the horizon!

‘The Tree Of Life & Growth’

What We Dont Understand sml Veronica Rowlands copy

The Tree Of Life & Growth Veronica Rowlands

The brief for this competition has really taken me out of my comfort zone and brought my attention to new things…..I know what will inspire my next series!

Finished Artwork…Boys to Men

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Finished my painting tonight…

100×100 inches, Acrylic, Gesso & ink on Canvas

Human Suffering Artwork

‘Boys To Men…Human Suffering Part 2

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Following the hugely successful ‘Human Suffering’ Exhibition at Debut Contemporary Gallery (curated by Artist Barry Martin), the show has been extended with additional theme: ‘Boys To Men’.

A brief which has no doubt taken me out of my comfort zone as I’m used to focusing my work around female themes.

I always ensure that how I interpret a set brief can relate back to my personal outlook & experiences and so wanted to ensure that what I created reflects the ethos of my work and a subject which fascinates me; in this case child development and how childhood experiences can stay and affect us into adulthood.

As you will be aware a recurring muse in my work are dolls, so I felt it would be exciting to create an Artwork based around seemingly innocent, ‘charming’ toys which a great deal of little boys like to play with and what they could represent in an adult context:

Wooden Soldiers: War

Toy Guns: Violence

Vintage Toys holding hands: Relationships & Heartbreak

Robots: Technology taking over

Veronica Rowlands Boys 2 Men 1

Veronica Rowlands Boys 2 Men 2

Veronica Rowlands Boys 2 Men 3

The Tree of Life & Growth

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Sorry to be a stranger…I’ve been engrossed in my Art for several weeks (which has been wonderful).

Sunday evening I got my entry in ‘That Which We Do Not Understand‘ a competition set by Amelia’s Magazine.

I just had to enter when I saw the competition, it challenged me to think of something innovative and to source inspiration from new places.

‘This piece of work subtly embodies a range of concerning questions to which there is no answer.

Including the story of creation: temptation, what creatures unknown on earth exist on other planets and how has our perception of their appearance changed since medieval times.

This work is the fruit of a number of visits to the Grant Museum of Zoo-Ology with sketchbook in hand.’

‘The Tree Of Life & Growth’

Veronica Rowlands What We Don't Understand SML copy 2

I’ve made three colour ways….I feel this one would make a fabulous print for a silk neck scarf…

Bespoke Mini Vases

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I decided to leave my little vases as they are and not use as frames….Introducing my mini 10 cm Bespoke Vases, now available in my Etsy Shop:

Bespoke Vase

Doll with piglets bespoke vase 4


Bespoke Up-cycled Frames

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Today I’ve been working on my handmade, Up-cycled frames:

I’ll be posting further details next week

Veronica Rowlands Upcycled Frames Veronica Rowlands Upcycled Frames 2 Veronica Rowlands Upcycled Frames 3 Veronica Rowlands Upcycled Frames 4

Floral and Singing Birdies

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Just added this cute little floral, birdie card to my Etsy shop…..perfect all occasion card for friend,sister, mum, auntie etc:

Floral Birdie Card

Fallopolly Dog

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Last week whilst out walking on Hampstead Heath I saw the cutest puppy ever……all I can think is he was a cross between a Shar pei and a Pug. He was so wrinkly and floppy that as he happily ran around tail wagging, every single part of his little body was wobbling….. I call him ‘Fallopolly Dog’ I’ve tried to re-create him here:

Fallopolly Dog

Handmade Greeting Cards

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I’ve been busy re-stocking cards to my Etsy Shop, nice & early before the Christmas rush……do keep an eye on it as there’s lots more to come and some exciting product ideas which I have in the pipeline.

All cards are blank for your own message and a great deal of my buyers frame the non seasonal cards as mini Artworks or gifts (they make great stocking fillers!).

My aim is to eventually create a lifestyle range which includes: Greeting Cards, Tote Bags, Wallpaper rolls, Ceramics and bed sheets which can be accessible to all.

Snow Doll

Christmas Doll Chritmas Card the people Floral Handmade Card Space Doll Greeting Card Vintage Doll 2 Vintage Doll Card Xmas Night card

Bespoke Picture Frames

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Last night I was up till late painting miniature vases (great therapy) it occurred to me, that they look great inside box frames, so I’ve decided to make a series of bespoke hand-made frames – which I aim to finish and put on the market by mid October in time for Christmas!

I love the idea of creating affordable mini Artworks which are completely unique and accessible to people.

Bespoke Frames Veronica Rowlands