‘Boys To Men…Human Suffering Part 2

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Following the hugely successful ‘Human Suffering’ Exhibition at Debut Contemporary Gallery (curated by Artist Barry Martin), the show has been extended with additional theme: ‘Boys To Men’.

A brief which has no doubt taken me out of my comfort zone as I’m used to focusing my work around female themes.

I always ensure that how I interpret a set brief can relate back to my personal outlook & experiences and so wanted to ensure that what I created reflects the ethos of my work and a subject which fascinates me; in this case child development and how childhood experiences can stay and affect us into adulthood.

As you will be aware a recurring muse in my work are dolls, so I felt it would be exciting to create an Artwork based around seemingly innocent, ‘charming’ toys which a great deal of little boys like to play with and what they could represent in an adult context:

Wooden Soldiers: War

Toy Guns: Violence

Vintage Toys holding hands: Relationships & Heartbreak

Robots: Technology taking over

Veronica Rowlands Boys 2 Men 1

Veronica Rowlands Boys 2 Men 2

Veronica Rowlands Boys 2 Men 3


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