Capoeira Encore: Get Groovy with artFix

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The co-leisure experience

Good Monday, artsy kids! artFix London is back with another spectacular array of events that will blow you away this week. First things first – we’re the realest (as Iggy Azalea taught us) – we’d like to thank each and everyone of you who took time to come to our Swedish Film Festival. It was a HUGE success, thanks to all of you! We got so much positive feedback and kind words. Stay tuned – we’ve got more screenings in store for you this week. image (2)

Monday 16th March, 6:30 pm – today’s the final day of our Swedish Film Festival, so come and watch the closing film on our programme, the beautifully touching Bellville Baby (Mia Engberg, 2013). Here’s a little bit about the plotline of this Swedish cinematic gem: a man from the past calls the filmmaker Mia Engberg and tells her he has spent many years…

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