Month: May 2015

Art donation for Lewis Fund

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I’m donating the first A4 print from my ‘Tree Of Life’ (pink) print to Lewis Fund….

Lewis is only six years old, he has multiple problems including:
Severe Cerebral Palsy
Severe gastric problems
Gastro Oesphaegel Reflux Disease
Gross Development Delay
and many more.

Lewis is fed via a Gastro-Jejunostomy as he is unsafe to swallow due to his gastric problem, He is attached to a feed pump for 16 hours a day. He is unable to sit, walk or talk. He needs round the clock care, 24/7 & needs med’s every hour. He & his mum recently spent over 8 months in hospital.
All proceeds raised in the online auction (date tbc) will go towards buying multi-sensory toys and equipment to help assist Lewis’ development and give him the best possible quality of life.

Please keep your eye on the website for auction date(s).




“I used to be scared of the Siamese Cat who came in your garden…….’

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“I used to be scared of the Siamese Cat who came in your garden”

Pages from an 1800’s book which belonged to my late stepfather, drawing my precious memories some of which existed only to me as a small child and him. X



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Today I’ve been working on illustrations for my residency at Petit Miracles…..I feel this quirky Magpie couple will go brilliantly as vinyls inside West 12 Shopping Centre

Bow and Dapper Magpie

West London Artist Residency

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Want to let you into some exciting news I’ve not told you about much….I’m starting a residency in West London next week, for which I have planning permission from Hammersmith & Fulham Council to adorn their streets with stencilled illustrations leading people upstairs in West 12 Shopping Centre to Petit Miracle Interiors …..the shopping centre is also turning off escalators for me to graffiti stencils of trail onto, bringing footfall into the shop.

The following week I’ll be painting their windows and will have a launch night (date tbc) to celebrate the residency and my work being stocked in Petit Miracles.
I’m just designing the floor vinyls and graffiti stencils now, I’m thinking a trail of magpies leading to the hidden treasure which is the Home Hub…


Wedding Commission

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All images are finished for the lovely little wedding commission which I’ve been working on (table cards and plan)….. just need to add the finishing touches when they arrive from the printers on Tuesday….

We have a table for Wales, Cheshire, Play Therapy, music, books and the happy couple 🙂

Menna, Tim and Cat

Oscar Bus finished Play Therapy Table flat Welsh Table Gin and Tonic Table Cheshire cat in space ship green hill copy Book table

Precious memories into an Artwork

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Here’s a very personal piece of a small series I’ve been working on.
Several weeks ago I found a beautiful old book in the back of a wardrobe, the book belonged to my late stepfather and was from the 1800’s: ‘Puniana’.

The book was so beautiful I didn’t want to take it apart but it was hidden in the back of my wardrobe, discarded and forgotten, I took it upon myself to take the pages out and illustrate a series of the new Artworks. This piece show characters reminiscent of myself as a child and of my Stepfather Tim.
Tim loved his vintage books and objects, he was always reading and owned boxes upon boxes of these books… feels natural to add my touch and love to something so precious of Tim’s.
Partially inspired from the text and triggers of childhood pets and memories. X X


‘I Take You With Me’

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‘I Take You With Me’

Bittersweet memories and thoughts of a child

now finished and in my Etsy Shop 

deer-and-birdie finished

Walking my Giraffe

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Just popped ‘Walking my Giraffe’ in my Etsy Shop

Walking my Giraffe

I’ll Always be your friend!

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Just added these adorable friends to my Etsy Shop

Birdie friend

Little Bird stitches…..

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Last night I shut the computer down, closed the sketchbook and stitched onto tiny little doilies….very therapeutic and reminded me how much I love hand embroidery…..

11188256_10152999292987982_8785508636635822553_n-2 11193221_10152999292992982_184358560328529745_n 11210463_10152999287247982_22300934849170109_n