Art donation for Lewis Fund

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I’m donating the first A4 print from my ‘Tree Of Life’ (pink) print to Lewis Fund….

Lewis is only six years old, he has multiple problems including:
Severe Cerebral Palsy
Severe gastric problems
Gastro Oesphaegel Reflux Disease
Gross Development Delay
and many more.

Lewis is fed via a Gastro-Jejunostomy as he is unsafe to swallow due to his gastric problem, He is attached to a feed pump for 16 hours a day. He is unable to sit, walk or talk. He needs round the clock care, 24/7 & needs med’s every hour. He & his mum recently spent over 8 months in hospital.
All proceeds raised in the online auction (date tbc) will go towards buying multi-sensory toys and equipment to help assist Lewis’ development and give him the best possible quality of life.

Please keep your eye on the website for auction date(s).





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