Month: January 2016

Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards

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Want to give something truly unique for Valentine’s Day this year? Don’t buy a mass-produced card, I can make you a hand-painted, personalised 20 minute commission piece of anything you want for just £5 (+ p&p)…..It doubles up as a great gift if popped in a frame!


Klimt inspired ‘Love’ commission

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Here’s a peep at a Klimt inspired commission I’m currently working on (well this is a plan of the illustration and colour scheme) the actual artwork will be painted on a life-size canvas….excited!

I have so many ideas and avenues I want to explore with my Art this year including…more Klimt inspired nudes/love pieces, a ‘hybrid’ collection, ceramic dolls and trinket boxes and a series of mini paintings/sequences of characters in various settings for an auction in Notting Hill in March…

There just aren’t enough hours in the day at the moment…I want to do it all but keep on being inspired again and again by new things….can only be a good thing!


What little boys are made of…

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Never thought I’d illustrate a slug and like it 😉

‘What little boys are made of’ a new illustration available as a print from my Etsy shop

Such a cute gift for the Mr Valentine’s day…..

Thats what little boys are made of


Bon Voyage White Rabbit

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Just sent the last “White Rabbit ” cushion in stock out to his new home…..Bon Voyage x


Ceramic Treasure Box…ideas

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Playing about with potential colour schemes for the ceramic trinket box I’m hoping to make this year…I’m opting for bright, vibrant colours, playful and happy….to take me back to my childhood…

ceramic box in colour