Month: February 2016

Creative Collage Workshops

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I had a wonderful time at the creative collage workshop this afternoon at The James Wigg Practice (Kentish Town).
Experimenting with collage, materials and composition reminded me so much of my first term of university and made me think about how much I miss just having the time to experiment and create with no set brief…

I’ve made a promise to myself to attend as many Art workshops/courses as possible…I feel them to be one of the best sources of inspiration for projects and the more creative processes one can use the more boundaries can be broken through/combined when creating…

I’m tempted to scan this one in and make a repeat pattern on Photoshop with the vase.
I can’t recommend the workshops enough, they’re completely free to do and re-start on Friday 11th March (2-5pm).





Pet Portrait

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Little Travis print was just delivered, once hand finished with some gold acrylics, numbered and signed he’s ready to be sent off to his new home in Wales.. X


Dachshund Pet portrait

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Day for Doggie portrait 2….featuring ‘Travis’ the Dachshund….I got carried away with his umbrella and filled each drop of rain with image of lace….(Travis hates the rain)…..

Travis dog Brolly copy 2

Drapery, pattern and shadow Art class

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Drapery, pattern, creases and shadow for my class tomorrow…I do get carried away making example sheets…


Klimt inspired commission

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Edited, finished 120x150cm Klimt inspired commission.
I was asked to change the hair colour to make it look more like the new owner and so changed the background to black (which makes the characters jump off the canvas in contrast) very happy with the results….

It will be delivered to its new home in Notting Hill this weekend…

Original plan..




Dachshund Commission

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Peep at the beginning stages of a little Dachshund commission I’ve just started working on…

Dashund 1Dashun orange