Final MA project: book of anthologies.

My research question focused on the concept of a universal trigger for the inner child in adults through depicting moments of childhood memories via different anthologies and stories, with focus on craft appreciation and process:

Little girl and giant ceramic bunny copy CLEANED UP WITH TYPE MP

Girl with duck in bed with girl on side copyFinished Humphrey with textIllustration

MA work

Narrative examples for children’s book: ‘Kitty and The Crocodile’

Kitty and Croc page 2 copy.jpg

Kitty looking out of window alone flat copy 2

Kitty wandering through massive plants copy 2




Adult literature design example; ‘To Kill A Mocking-bird’TKM SUBMISSION straight TEXT 1 copy

tkm RED with new font social media


Research project; ‘Androgyny and the Roaring 20’s’

‘Flappers Up The Empire State’15253452_10154347478057982_8274802330518167504_n

‘Androgyny Girls’Androgyny girls

‘Couple in Park’20's lady in park fini flat copy


NHS Commission for Kentish Town Health Centre.

Hand illustrated characters which were coloured by children during a series of Art workshops. The finished prints are now on permanent display in the Baby Gym at the centre.

Multi coloured doll



Blog Header Illustration for charity Healthy Planet

Healthy Planet Veronica Rowlands


Anti Gun-crime posters currently on display on TFL buses for Potential Productions

YourChoiceA5Leaflet_v5_FINAL_AW_sml Gangs_A3_Poster_v6a_FINAL_AW_sml

Private commission examples:

Wedding table cards



Mini Illustrations ‘Childhood Miscellaneous’ series auctioned at Affordable Art for Affordable Counselling (in aid of Help Counselling ), Notting Hill.

10659409_781949661889040_4365087806628121971_n 10421366_781949671889039_5345119996728106417_n



Fashion Illustration

Coco Fennel for Amelia’s Magazine2012

Coco Fennel Veronica Rowlands copy

Pam Hogg for Amelia’s Magazine, 2012



Brooke Roberts for Amelia’s Magazine, 2011


2 thoughts on “Illustration

    Jane said:
    October 23, 2014 at 8:54 pm

    Hi Veronica it is Jane from Linked in, really like your webpage and illustrations, you mentioned you were looking to possibly collaborate in 2015, we should meet after Xmas for a coffee when it is quieter, Jane x

      Veronica Rowlands, Artist responded:
      October 24, 2014 at 7:46 pm

      Hi Jane,
      That would be lovely, be great to meet up and see your work!

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