Acrylic painting

Abstract Dolls

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I wanted to challenge myself to create a series of abstract paintings…as an Artist with and illustrative style I felt it would have an exciting result.

I’m delighted with how the first one has come out, obviously I worked from one of my former doll pictures, but this one tells a whole new story…

Acrylic on Canvas

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Personalised Wedding Gift

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I went to the wedding party of two dear friends last night, I was there on the night they met……nine years ago! so I wanted to give them something special:

Wedding Gift



A small Canvas painting of their wedding day (sorry for bad photo quality- the room was dark)Wedding Painting





3 New Fashion Dolls.

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I completed my final 3 Surreal Fashion Dolls last night and they were taken away for framing today, once I have them back on Tuesday,they’ll be ready to go with the rest of the series and to be exhibited at Debut Contemporary at the beginning of June………I’m so, so excited! 😀

Veronica Rowlands - Fashion Doll with Deer Veronica Rowlands - Fashion doll with tree

Veronica Rowlands-Fashion Doll with penguin