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Beautiful hand collaged birds created by 7 & 8 year olds in a recent workshop I facilitated for a large-scale commission piece.
I am now tracing the drawings on Illustrator (40 of them by hand) to create a large composition print which will go up in a public space (I’ll reveal all after next Wednesday).

But I just think the children’s work looks so lovely and the crisp lines created from tracing give them a really graphic, clean edge..I’m so happy and excited by the unfolding results!


Traced woodpigeon 3.jpegColourful heron traced


Fabric painting class for children

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Every Saturday (until next week as we finish for the year) I teach Art on the Saturday school programme for Newham based 8-12 year olds at Rosetta Art Centre.

We’ve had a fantastically rich six months, covering ceramics, drawing, painting techniques, mixed media, ceramics and last Saturday had splendid results; we worked as a team and painted large-scale Aboriginal inspired animals onto a banner.

I think it looks fantastic…



Drapery, pattern and shadow Art class

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Drapery, pattern, creases and shadow for my class tomorrow…I do get carried away making example sheets…


Gunta Stoltz inspired Artwork

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Abstract pattern design inspired by Gunta Stoltz …I got carried away starting a demonstration for my yr8 students….

1743505_10153333041047982_269662820172120322_n 12111954_10153333063472982_2063551490448876985_n

My Bio in CreativPaper

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I was thrilled at being approched by the inspirational Art Magazine  CreativPaper  for a feature on my Art work

Do have a look, this magazine is great!



Art Awards class leaving card

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Last week I finished teachingv at St Josephs Priomary School where I’d been teaching Art Awards (Discover Level) to year five students through CGP Gallery.

I was completely choked up by some of the students messages in my leaving card, it’s such an amazing feeling knowing that you’ve been successful in your teaching:


Veronica Rowlands Art Teaching Veronica Rowlands Art Teaching (1) Veronica Rowlands Art Teaching (2) Veronica Rowlands Art Teaching (3)

Experimental Fashion Illustration Classes

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I’m back in my hometown of Bristol for a few days over Easter….with a pile of admin…………..

Today I thought I’d escape the paperwork and run through some new ideas I wish to try out for future Art classes; so I invited some friends around to have a trial lesson run through.

The students started with a one minute continuous line drawing and went on to create a series of works using oil pastel and a final large scale drawing using pastel, ink and collaged paper and photographs.

Unfortunately being away from home I have limited resources so we had to run through with ink pastels and coloured paper/magazine articles (in my lessons there’s a vast selection of inks paints as well).

Teaching always leaves me feeling most inspired; advising people helps develop my own thoughts and concepts as well as seeing how my students interpret tasks using their own, unique handwriting.

A great start to the day!

Fashion Illustration 2

Matrioshka Dolls were the subject matter for the initial drawings (two minute continuous line drawings with a further ten minutes to colour and finalise).

Fashion Illustration 3

Students proceed to invent their own characters taking inspiration  from previous drawings and techniques learnt

Fashion Illustration 5 Fashion Illustration Prep

Finalised Illustration created using Oil pastels, collaged photographs and previous drawings as print.