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West 12 Panel painting for Petit Miracle Interiors

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My glass panel painting upstairs in West 12 Shopping Centre are looking super vibrant….all that’s needed now is for a background colour and some text…

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Today I’ve been working on illustrations for my residency at Petit Miracles…..I feel this quirky Magpie couple will go brilliantly as vinyls inside West 12 Shopping Centre

Bow and Dapper Magpie

Fashion…What lies beneath

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So today was last Residency day at Art Fix….what a fantastic, productive week it’s been…….

I’ve been inspired by the works of Alexander Mc Queen from the Savage Beauty Show at the Victoria and Albert MuseumInspired from edgy trends and beautiful things to adorn my dolls, there is also a darker side to my thoughts…..underneath the aesthetics of Fashion lies dark truths….exploited interns being used for slave labour for high end Fashion Brands and slave labour in sweat shops for lower priced high street labels.

Sometimes I forget this….shop in certain places as I love the clothes and they’re affordable (fast fashion) but then feel sad when i think of the reason they’ve been made so cheaply.  I also adore Illustrating Fashion and exploring the craftsmanship behind these couture and high end labels…so I’m torn! My dolls  fit this image perfectly, aesthetic and sweet but real they’re not.10957127_10152893142197982_6341080444841026952_n 11070256_10152893143947982_641999569661975449_n 11070755_777074269043246_4059619679887668155_n 11081004_10152893142612982_4445612722004641937_n 11081205_10152893176132982_2372686264584680241_n

First day of Residency at Artfix

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Productive first day of ‪my Artist residency‬ in Art Fix Soho…..dressing my dolls in Alexander Mc Queen…..