Scratch the Surface….delivered

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So after months of labour and beading my 60x30inch artwork; ‘Scratch the Surface’ was ready to be exhibited……it was a stressful journey from Canary Wharf to Notting Hill by tube (not to mention the rain and wind when walking from stations) but I’m delighted to say it arrived un-damaged and in one piece; all ready for Debut Contemporary’s February Private View….I can’t wait to see her up!

‘Scratch the Surface’ 2014

60×30 inches

Acrylic, ink, gesso and beading on canvas

Veronica Rowland Scratch the Surface 2014


‘Scratch the Surface’

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Tonight I’ve been working on my latest piece ‘Scratch the Surface’; I have in fact been working on her for many months amongst my many other projects, but today she just screamed at me to pick up the paint.

She is another large scale 60 x 30 inches canvas which I am painstakingly embellishing the cheetah underneath her hand with small glass beads…….this lady represents the woman, the seductress the ‘dark horse’ under every woman no matter what impression she chooses to give…just ‘Scratch the Surface’.1532080_564871230263552_869164583_n[1]



‘Once, in a Dream’ – transition

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Here are some updates on how the first painting from my ‘Once in a Dream’ series is coming along; this piece is proving extremely time consuming due to the intricate detailing and beading onto such a large piece (60×30 inches) though admittedly I’m really enjoying spending this length of time on a single piece and the therapeutic qualities of intricate beading.

I am going to start working on 1 or 2 more pieces for the series over the coming days so they can feed inspiration into each other. Inspired by dreams my next ideas will include elements of surreal landscapes and bizarre animal sequences.

'Once in a Dream' - transition 'Once in a Dream' - transition (2) 'Once in a Dream' - transition (3) 'Once in a Dream' - transition (4) 'Once in a Dream' - transition (5) 'Once in a Dream' - transition (6) 'Once in a Dream' - transition (7) 'Once in a Dream' - transition (8)oo

New work – transition.

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These images show my new 60 x 30 inch piece which I’m currently working on, showing the development and changes which my work undergoes from start to finish……..evolving.

This particular piece takes inspiration from a series of surreal dreams which I wanted to share.

Mixed Media; acrylic, gesso, pastel, ink and beading on canvas.

Fashion Doll Transition 1 (2)

Fashion Doll Transition

Veronica Rowlands - Fashion Doll Transition

Fashion Doll Transition 2

Fashion Doll Transition 4

Fashion Doll Transition 3

Fashion Doll Transition 1

Fashion Doll Transition 5

Fashion Doll Transition 6