Little blue elephant

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My elephant ice-cream bowl all glazed and finished…might not be able to fit too much ice-cream in him so am thinking of using him for little flower heads (when there’s too many for the vase) 🙂


Ceramic Treasure Box…ideas

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Playing about with potential colour schemes for the ceramic trinket box I’m hoping to make this year…I’m opting for bright, vibrant colours, playful and happy….to take me back to my childhood…

ceramic box in colour

A ceramic ‘Toybox’ for adults

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I’d like to consolidate all of my design ideas (from my present sketchbook) into one large piece to create an eclectic, kitsch ceramic box (like a toy box but to serve as a trinket holder for adults).
The illustrations on the outside will serve as a visual diary which capture everything which inspires me from vintage dolls and florals to kitsch, childlike puppy illustrations.
This keepsake box will be used to hold treasured items of sentimental value, reminiscent of childhood memories and nostalgia….


Gorgeous Ceramics

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Just came across some gorgeous little ceramic pieces by Bristol based Little Birdy Crafts I’m absolutely in love with the charm of the characters, intricate detailing and vivid colours…. LOVE



Ceramic Tiles

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My first attempt at ceramics….bird tiles inspired from Vintage Doll attire and wallpaper….I’m rather happy with how the colours have come out!

Ceramic Doll…

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Documenting the first three dimensional thing I’ve ever made (I’m not joking) with a photograph or before it falls apart in the kiln….(once painted and with arms is to be a vintage doll in a bustle)…


Treasure at the end of the Rainbow…

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‘Treasure at the end of the Rainbow’

Digitally enhanced illustration

Art of Newham complete Veronica Rowlands