Continuos line drawing

Left handed Drawing re-visited

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I’ve created an abundance of  two minute continuous line drawings and  left handed drawings over the past few weeks. Today I had an urge to revisit and develop into finalised Artwork:


Initial left handed Matrioshka Doll drawing which has been brought to life using Oil pastels &  acrylics

Veronica Rowlands Acrylic oil pastel and ink on paper



Fashion & Character Illustration classes at Rosetta Art Centre

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Yesterday I started teaching an eight week Fashion & Character Illustration Saturday School for gifted 8-11 year olds at Rosetta Art Centre:

I have another super talented class this year! We started yesterday creating one minute, continuous line drawings and then spending time developing them further with collage. I absolutely love this Fashion forward Illustration by a year 5 student…………..a Fashionista in the making!

Veronica Rowlands Fashion Illustration teaching

2 minute portraits

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I was drawing 2 minute self portraits of guests at an event in conjunct with London Drawing today which was great fun! I did a few timed portraits of myself to warm up.