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Vintage Doll series

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Gradually collecting art from my solo show at Free Space Gallery…… yesterday I collected the remaining artworks from hugely popular ‘Vintage Doll’ series, I’ll be dropping these off to exhibit at Debut Contemporary Gallery next week……

‘Vintage Dolls’

43 x 56cm

Mixed Media:
Acrylic, ink, emulsion, collage, gesso and oil pastel on paper

£640 each (framed)

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A1 Bespoke Prints

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Last week I had three A1 Giclee prints delivered from Harwood King they look wonderful at this scale and exquisite on Archival Paper…all I need to do now is hand finish with some gold acrylic paint.

I’ll be getting these large scale pieces framed and will go on to exhibit at Debut Contemporary Gallery – in the mean time they are available to purchase in A4, A3, A2 & A1 sizes from my Etsy shop 

Fashion Twins

Fashion Twins

Tree of Life & Growth (blue)

Tree of Life Ltd Ed Giclee Print

Space Doll

Space Doll A1 Giclee Print

‘Human Suffering’ PV at Debut Contemporary in aid of Harrisons Fund

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Last night was the Private View of Human Suffering Part 2 ‘When Boys Become Men’ at Debut Contemporary in aid of Harrisons Fund. The intense creativity in the Gallery was magical and the more I learn about the charity the prouder I feel to be supporting such a worthy cause – please do have a look at the website – the charity need desperately need exposure and funds to find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

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Finished Artwork…Boys to Men

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Finished my painting tonight…

100×100 inches, Acrylic, Gesso & ink on Canvas

Human Suffering Artwork

‘Boys To Men…Human Suffering Part 2

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Following the hugely successful ‘Human Suffering’ Exhibition at Debut Contemporary Gallery (curated by Artist Barry Martin), the show has been extended with additional theme: ‘Boys To Men’.

A brief which has no doubt taken me out of my comfort zone as I’m used to focusing my work around female themes.

I always ensure that how I interpret a set brief can relate back to my personal outlook & experiences and so wanted to ensure that what I created reflects the ethos of my work and a subject which fascinates me; in this case child development and how childhood experiences can stay and affect us into adulthood.

As you will be aware a recurring muse in my work are dolls, so I felt it would be exciting to create an Artwork based around seemingly innocent, ‘charming’ toys which a great deal of little boys like to play with and what they could represent in an adult context:

Wooden Soldiers: War

Toy Guns: Violence

Vintage Toys holding hands: Relationships & Heartbreak

Robots: Technology taking over

Veronica Rowlands Boys 2 Men 1

Veronica Rowlands Boys 2 Men 2

Veronica Rowlands Boys 2 Men 3

Just Giving Art Fundraiser in memory

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So the last twelve months I’ve been updating lots on my Interactive Wallpaper Project, in which I’ve hand Illustrated a roll of wallpaper, taking it around London Galleries and Spaces including: Debut Contemporary, CGP Gallery and Free Space Gallery asking members of the public to colour in or paint the characters.

I’ve now set up a Just Giving Page in which people can name a character in honour a loved one or indeed themselves as a lasting tribute to everyone whose fought Cancer. In return for the donation I will name a character of you choice after that person, or for a donation of fifteen pounds I will Illustrate that person onto the wallpaper by hand.

The two completed rolls of wallpaper will be exhibited at a solo show at Free Space Gallery in February 2015.

veronica-rowlands-interactive-art-11 veronica-rowlands-interactive-art-event-debut-contemporary-2

10378307_666928800057794_6192983948910618522_n dnl_9502

I lost my dear Stepfather Tim to Bowel Cancer in 2009 and now want to put my creative energy into  a project to help others and to honour Tim.

Read my story here and please do share and get involved x

As a child with my Mum and Tim

Tim x a15b7c68-749c-4556-ad5d-527afc4755c7


‘Human Suffering’ Exhibition

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Hello everyone,

Update time…… new work for the Human Suffering exhibition at Debut Contemporary Gallery has taken a sharp twist:

Girls, Girls, Girls


Combining two of my favourite things: embroidery and Pop Art………I wanted to convey my thoughts on how females (sometimes) treat each other, although all appears to be sweet on the outside: this is something which dominates my thoughts a great deal! Also with embroidery often being viewed as ‘woman’s work’ I felt it highly appropriate for this creation.

Mixed Media: Acrylic, gesso & embroidery on canvas

Once finished this piece will be exhibited alongside work of the talented Debut Artists at Debut Contemporary’s PV ‘Human Suffering’.

Human Suffering