Fallopolly Dog

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Last week whilst out walking on Hampstead Heath I saw the cutest puppy ever……all I can think is he was a cross between a Shar pei and a Pug. He was so wrinkly and floppy that as he happily ran around tail wagging, every single part of his little body was wobbling….. I call him ‘Fallopolly Dog’ I’ve tried to re-create him here:

Fallopolly Dog

Interactive Wallpaper.

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Just four days until the big event and I’m working like mad to get everything ready.

The wallpaper is growing daily and the Illustrational style alters by my mood and what I have seen that day (years and years worth of sketchbooks piled high beside my table are being referred to constantly).

It must be at least 10ft long…………


Veronica Fashion Ladies Veronica Ladies Veronica Rowands Wallpaper 1 Veronica Rowands Wallpaper 2 Veronica Wallpaper - MAN

London Drawing event@Watford Museum.

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On Saturday I worked with London drawing helping to dress and make-up a model as a Victorian doll for a drawing event at Watford Museum; it was a fabulous evening and the museum was buzzing with creativity! (My space Doll was up in the corner to set the mood).

London Drawing Event @ Watford Museum

London Drawing event @ Watford Museum

London Drawing event @ Watford Museum

@MuseumsAtNight Watford Museum.

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I have a great  job tomorrow @ Watford Museum, I’ll be working for London Drawing, helping style and make up the set for a drawing session featuring models styled as Victorian dolls…..I can’t wait!

London Drawing set


1 minute warm up Fashion Drawings

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I’ve been creating some 1 minute, timed drawings inspired from my favourite looks, then adding life and character to them with collage and and colour, I find this so therapeutic and a great warm up before starting on large, more refined pieces.

‘off the s{h}elf ‘ – My Sketchbook.

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I shall be exhibiting one of my sketchbooks into the ‘Off The Shelf’ exhibition:


‘Off the shelf: the self and subjectivity in the artist’s book’ is an exhibition dedicated to various expressions of subjectivity in artist’s publications. It aims to bring together contributions from a variety of formats and editions that consider the self in the artist’s book.

The exhibition will focus on the contemporary publications and welcomes submissions from a wide range of genres, including: handmade books, object-books, sculptural books, altered books, installation books, photobooks, photozines, print-on-demand books, zines, serial editions (artists’ magazines), multimedia books and ebooks. Potential topics might include, but are not limited to:

  • Self-portraits as self-analysis
  • Archival practices of the self
  • Family albums and personal narratives
  • Gender and feminist narratives
  • Queer identities
  • Auto-biography and fictional biographies
  • Sexualities and space
  • Performance of the self
  • Travel book and diasporic strategies’

My sketchbooks are an integral part of the thought and development process of my work, I carry a sketchbook everywhere and always re-use ideas.

The book which I have submitted has been continued with for several years, holding original drawings of my Fashion Dolls to gallery sketches/research drawings and written technical notes and ideas.

It really is a personal insight into my thought process and where it all comes from.

Private view: Friday December 7 18:00-21:00

Open: Saturday 8th–Sunday 9th December 12:00-18:00

Stockwell Studios

McCall Close, Jeffreys Road London SW46QU.

London Fashion Dolls Exhibition – just over a week left.

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My Fashion Doll Exhibition is proving to be a huge success :), it finishes on the 31st August, so don’t forget to pay it a visit before it ends!

London Fashion Dolls at The Brady Art and Community Centre near Brick Lane in conjunction with Tower Hamlets Council.

 6th August- 31st August

Mon- Fri 9am – 7pm, Sat 10.30am – 5pm

Brady Arts and Community Centre
Address 192-196 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5HU
Tel 020 7364 7900


Veronica Rowlands is a London based designer whose passion lies in Fashion Illustration and Surface Pattern Design.

One source of inspiration for her work comes frequent visits to museums such as the Museum of Childhood and Pollock’s Toy Museum where she has made many drawings of vintage dolls or toys. She has given them a contemporary twist through experimenting with a range of exciting and flamboyant colours, adorning them with edgy current trends, in order to preserve and set free the inner child!

Rowlands has more recently been making visits to Brick Lane and surrounding areas to explore the imagery and architecture which has inspired the development of the ‘London Fashion Dolls’ collection.
The architectural styles portrayed in the collection provide interesting juxtapositions between modern builds and classic buildings which highlight the temporal contrasts of the East London cityscape – old charm, new dynamism as well as the Avant Garde milieu of Brick Lane which is a 10 minute walk from beating heart of the financial district – a sprawling, architecturally diverse yet cohesive urban hub.

The Fashion Dolls display a cutting edge mix of vintage and with contemporary, cutting edge attire to show the strong styles and changes within this area. – London Borough of Tower Hamlets