Brick Lane Doll – Original Finished

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After a late night of painting every brick red, I have finally finished my Brick Lane Doll (fifth in my London Fashion Doll Collection).



Brick Lane – Fashion Doll

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Today I started work on my 5th London Fashion Doll, I was so excited at the prospect of an Avante-Garde doll to suit my favourite area so I  just had to start here.

I still need to add some navy blue and finish hand painting the background bricks red (she is very onorous one for me as every inch requires so much detail), but I  do love letting my imagination wander as I spent hour upon hour doing so.


Exhibiting at the ‘Brady Arts and Community Centre’

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Several weeks ago I answered a call-out on the Tower Hamlets website asking for artists with an Olympic theme running through their work to exhibit at the ‘Brady Arts and Community Centre.’

 I’m delighted to say that on Thursday I recieved an email saying that my ‘London Fashion Doll’ collection has been chosen to be exhibited for 3 weeks at the beginning of August :D!

The centre is my dream place to exhibit this collection as being located in Brick Lane it fits the Avante Garde ‘East London Style’ theme perfectly and is close to all the major East London Buildings which I have used.

I don’t have a great deal of time as I’ll be putting the work up early August but would really like to develop the collection further, (maybe with a few more Illustrations). I’m going for a meeting with them on Wednesday so will have a look at the space and decide what else to do.



Collection so far :




3 Dapper Panda’s

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Yay, I just finished off my ‘Dapper Panda’  Fashion Illustration, I think I’ll get my first print made tomorrow!

Dapper Panda.

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I’ve had some lovely little daytrips recently and have been inspired to create a new menswear Fashion Illustration collection: based around the dapper chappers in the small tailors in Kensington, here is my first drawing (which I aim to develop further) – maybe have the same character in a different attire.

Neckscarf Inspiration.

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I have been comissioned by a friend to create a neckscarf using using the following for inspiration:

  • Doll’s
  • love heart’s
  • Dove’s

which should co-ordinate well with navy and tan outfits and use different shades of pink, I have looked online for some visuals to give me inspiration and am now very inspired, this is going to be one one eclectic, edgy neckscarf!

Fashion Dolls……

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I’ve recently had some old favourites scanned at the printers (down from A1) to make them available as greeting cards and fashion prints, enjoy……………….