After School Textiles club.

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I’m going to start teaching a textiles afterschool club for students at Thames View Infants school (Barking) at the beginning of next term, I’m super excited about getting started!


To educate and promote recycling children will be asked to bring old clothes in which we will be cutting up to create new illustrations and textile pieces.

Lesson 1

The first lesson will focus on drawing and developing the student’s individual handwriting. The time restraint element makes students think faster and encourages ‘outside the box’ creative thinking.

-Students will start by collating a series of inspirational images from photocopied children’s books (approx. 15 minutes)

-Demonstrations on working on timed sketches within time frame of 1 minute; students to practice this using felt tip pens, coloured pencils, etc. whilst being timed.

-Demonstrations of sketches timed for 2 and 5 minutes; students to do the same each time, as above in (2) and using the same materials.

-Creating a refined piece with the knowledge and inspiration gained from the first parts of the lesson (up to 30 minutes, time permitting)

Lesson 2

The aim of this lesson is to make students work and refine previous inspiration and teach them new ways of looking, re-interpreting and developing ideas using different media and self expression.

-Brief recap of last lesson’s content, followed by a discussion of students’ work (10 mins)

-Explain to students how we are going to further develop the creations of Lesson 1 by adding details such as hair and features to their illustrations. Give examples and suggest ideas (approx. 20 to 25 minutes)

-Students to create a series of timed drawings, inspired from their first lesson drawings except this time using a variation of mark-making techniques such as stick and Ink, random found objects (eg twigs, leaves and dried flowers), carbon paper, acrylic paints and scaled photocopies from lesson 1 drawings, maybe exploring the possibilities of placement and print.

Lesson 3

Further development of the themes and ideas broached in lessons 1 and 2.

This lesson will focus on working with collage and scrap fabrics to create garment ideas, character outfits alongside the drawing techniques and processes used in lessons 1 and 2, and demonstrating them as outlined above.

-Recap on results achieved so far.

-Explanation of what we are going to do, using collage and scrap fabric.

-Students to produce work using new media.

Lessons 4 -6

Putting into play all the creative skills taught in lessons 1 to 3.

Recap and discuss work produced with students from previous weeks, and collaging recycled, manipulated fabrics onto their illustrations to create a body of work for each student.