Fashion Dolls

Fashion Illustration…..starting point

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Working on Fashion Illustrations ideas to be used as vinyl floor signs for Petit Miracles….
They all start as simple ink drawings, adapted on tracing paper and different elements placed together on the computer…


Doll 2 floral dress

2 Fashion Dolls find a home…..

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I was delighted to sell 2 of my original ‘Surreal Fashion Doll’ paintings at the end of last week.

Both were on display at Debut Contemporary (Notting Hill Gate) and went to different buyers; these first 2 originals to sell were also my very first and last from my ‘Surreal Fashion Doll’ series. I met with the buyer last Tuesday to present her with the Certificate of Authenticity; it was lovely to meet her and know where my lady has gone.




Debut Contemporary – First Wednesdays.

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So last night was the long awaited exhibition opening at Debut Contemporary (shows are held on the first Wednesday of every month).

A fantastic evening; the atmosphere was buzzing with creativity and I met some fascinating people and highly talented fellow Artists.

Debut Contemporary

Debut Contemporary 2

Debut Contemporary 1

Simone Shubuck.

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I’ve just come across the work of Simone Shubuck who is now showing at Taylor De Cordoba (New York) and I now feel incredibly inspired from her work, I could spend hours looking at each of her pieces, each has so much character, the more I look the more I see in each piece, I am now thinking about how I can develop my Fashion Dolls in a more abstract direction, I’m thinking ordered chaos with a multitude of happenings.


believeit-rev[1] simoneshubuck3[1]


3 New Fashion Dolls.

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I completed my final 3 Surreal Fashion Dolls last night and they were taken away for framing today, once I have them back on Tuesday,they’ll be ready to go with the rest of the series and to be exhibited at Debut Contemporary at the beginning of June………I’m so, so excited! 😀

Veronica Rowlands - Fashion Doll with Deer Veronica Rowlands - Fashion doll with tree

Veronica Rowlands-Fashion Doll with penguin

Project Waterfall – Coffee Art Project.

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This evening I went for a talk to meet a handful of the other Artists’ participating in ‘Coffee Art Project’, which is one of the main initiatives of UK Coffee week 2013.

I have to create and submit an original artwork by 12th April, my imagination is buzzing with ideas; the predominant one is a painting of 2 symmetrical women, one dressed as a barista and the other a customer, (maybe embroidering into details on the canvas), they are facing one another, their bodies and faces look identical, the only way of differentiating them is the uniform worn by the barista.

Being able to enter this competition was an opportunity which I relished, as it is open to all mediums and interpretation to it is something which I can really make my own and incorporate my Fashion Dolls into and most importantly it’s such a worthwhile cause; money raised from the artwork will go on providing safe, clean, hygienic water and sanitation initiatives in the coffee producing countries, the first project is providing clean waters to communities in Tanzania!

I have a super-busy few days ahead as I wish to create 2 more Surreal Fashion Dolls which will need to be framed in 2 weeks ready for my participation with Debut Contemporary when I start at the end of May.

I’m going back to my home town of Bristol on Friday and already have visions of myself: a great deal of caffeine, 2 A2 sheets of Cartridge paper, acrylic paints, gesso, needle & thread and a large canvas working on all 3 artworks in my family kitchen, letting my inspiration flow and develop from one piece to the next……………..lots of work, lots of late nights but my adrenaline is going mad and I can’t wait to begin!


Debut Contemporary.

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I am over the moon to have confirmed a start date on the prestigious artist mentoring scheme Debut Contemporary! I officially start workshops at the end of May and exhibition will follow shortly after.

I have lots to be keeping me busy in the mean time; finalising and framing my ‘Fashion Doll’ originals and looking for sponsers/funding…….all very exciting!

Ltd Ed Fashion Doll Prints

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Ltd Edition (50 of each), signed, numbered prints complete with certificate of authenticity are available to purchase on the Artpistol website:

Kelly Moore Bag – Fashion Illustration featured in Amelia’s Magazine

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I’ve only just seen that a Fashion Illustration I created for Kelly Moore’s bag range was featured in Amelia’s Magazine on Wednesday………. have a looksie:

Coco Fennel Veronica Rowlands copy


New Dolls for my ‘Surreal Fashion Doll’ Collection

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Here are my 2 newest pieces (I now have 5 pictures in this range, I aim to create another 5 in the coming weeks)……………a pink pangolin in a beret and a green flamingo in a bowtie and bowler hat………….what next?!

New Fashion doll