Fashion Illustrations for Petit Miracles and West 12

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Working on floor vinyls to go inside West 12 Shopping Centre….a treasure trail to Petit Miracles…..the top chap in is sporting my favourite Masato sweater…..

Masato man

Veronica Doll 1 001Veronica Man 2 001 copy

Forgotten Beauty

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Finally…here are my new works



Acrylic, gesso and oil pastel on canvas


‘Forgotten Beauty 1’

Veronica Rowlands Forgotten Beauty


‘Forgotten Beauty 2’

Veronica Rowlands Forgotten Beauty 2


To be exhibited at Espacio Gallery ‘Flesh’ Exhibition:

Flesh Exhibition

A childood dream….evoked

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I know I said I was finished before but in true Artist style I painted over elements of my two new pieces and fluorescent pink is predominant in each.

I kept on looking at them and thinking they needed a lift, need a splash of childhood (this could be created using a gendered colour).

This fluorescent pink instantly takes me back to childhood admittedly I wasn’t your standard Barbie playing little ‘Princess’ I loved the idea of being a hero female knight, I played with ‘My Little Pony’ as well as owning a sword & bow and arrow made for me by my grandfather, I was still feminine and ‘girly’ but aspired to be a strong woman…a hero.


Now anything Kitsch…anything showing vintage dolls makes me feel nostalgic, it takes me back to this place where anything is possible, I was free to dream and safe…..


Veronica Rowlands 'Dream Abstraction' 10177981_608887639195244_6127196241858371860_n[1] 10255717_608951589188849_2134740955311636263_n[1]