I’ll Always Be Your Friend

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I want to share the meaning behind this piece ‘I’ll Always Be Your Friend’ which I created in 2015.

As a child myself and my family have been good friends and spent a great deal of time with another family, on a walk (when I was about nine or ten years old the father of my friend told us that he and she had many adventures and had discovered new places together that only they knew about, these adventures were their secrets and belonged to him and her only and no-one else ever would be told of the places they’d discovered together.)

Tragically the little girl’s father became ill and passed away only a year or two after this. Twenty years later the image and voice of her father telling me of this bond has never left my mind and remains so vivid…..when creating this piece I just let my imagination take over and through a few tears ended up with this illustration.

Veronica Rowlands I'll Always Be Your Friend 2015 digitally enhanced ink illustration hand finished with acrylics 59.4x84.1cmIt feels very bitter-sweet and every time I look at it I’m left with a lump in my throat, thinking about memories shared and secrets kept between absent friends/lovers/those who have are no longer with us, these memories will only ever be known vividly between those two people but will never be forgotten. X

Lovingly hand finished prints

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Had some vibrant new A4 Giclee prints delivered in the week and am now lovingly hand finishing each one with gold acrylic….

Featured: ‘I’ll Always Be Your Friend’


‘I Take You With Me’

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‘I Take You With Me’

Bittersweet memories and thoughts of a child

now finished and in my Etsy Shop 

deer-and-birdie finished

I’ll Always be your friend!

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Just added these adorable friends to my Etsy Shop

Birdie friend

‘I’ll always be your friend!’

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‘I’ll always be your friend!’

This piece makes me feel terribly emotive, reminding me of childhood relationships, promises and games with friends/family who grow up or are no longer with us…….that innocence/memory will always stay with the individual even if no-one else is around to share/remember that place/story……..

Birdie friend