Ink Drawing

Illustration Transition

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Just having a gander at some of my original ink drawings, all of my illustrations are drawn by hand and then painted or worked into using the computer…

Dodo original scan

Sailor Dodo finished




Cheshire Cat

Fashion Illustration Evening classes

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I’ve been busy planning for Fashion Illustration classes which I’ll be teaching at Rosetta Art Centre (Stratford) from 16th January.

I’ve chosen ‘Vintage’ as the theme to run through the course which will allow students to apply their own style and creativity to their pieces and they will put their ideas into context using a variety of processes. Here are some Illustration examples (for different collections) to get the creative juices flowing.

Rosetta Art Centre  Fashion Illustration course

Veronica Rowlands 1920s evening wear

1920’s collection – eveningwear; intricate line drawing shows the intricacy of the garments and elegance of this look.

Veronica Rowlands 80s daywear

Casualwear inspired from Kitsch 1960’s prints onto 80’s style oversized sweaters and jumpsuits – created from collaged drawings and coloured with felt-tip pens to give the look a fun, childlike edge.

Veronica Rowlands Fashion Illustration

Quirky outerwear inspired from 60’s prints, wallpapers and kitsch objects; coloured using felt tip pens to create a playful, young feel with a vintage twist.

Milena Kovanovic jewellery featured in Amelias Magazine.

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Excited to see my Milena Kovanovic jewellery illustration featured in Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration.

I started the Illustration by hand in fountain pen, and added colour in Photoshop.

I have used neutral colours to give the Illustrations a sophisticated dge to match the beautiful Milenak Jewellery range and its clientele.

Gorgeous Illustrations from Laura Hickman aswell:

Milenak Jewelry by Veronica Rowlands high res





‘Once, in a Dream’ – transition

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Here are some updates on how the first painting from my ‘Once in a Dream’ series is coming along; this piece is proving extremely time consuming due to the intricate detailing and beading onto such a large piece (60×30 inches) though admittedly I’m really enjoying spending this length of time on a single piece and the therapeutic qualities of intricate beading.

I am going to start working on 1 or 2 more pieces for the series over the coming days so they can feed inspiration into each other. Inspired by dreams my next ideas will include elements of surreal landscapes and bizarre animal sequences.

'Once in a Dream' - transition 'Once in a Dream' - transition (2) 'Once in a Dream' - transition (3) 'Once in a Dream' - transition (4) 'Once in a Dream' - transition (5) 'Once in a Dream' - transition (6) 'Once in a Dream' - transition (7) 'Once in a Dream' - transition (8)oo

Brick Lane – Fashion Doll

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Today I started work on my 5th London Fashion Doll, I was so excited at the prospect of an Avante-Garde doll to suit my favourite area so I  just had to start here.

I still need to add some navy blue and finish hand painting the background bricks red (she is very onorous one for me as every inch requires so much detail), but I  do love letting my imagination wander as I spent hour upon hour doing so.