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NHS Commission

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Nice popping onto Twitter and seeing my interactive wallpaper (NHS commission) in the background of the baby gym at the James Wigg Practice (Kentish Town).


NHS Commission

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Additional NHS Commission prints, framed up and ready to be hung at the James Wigg Practice Baby gym……

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NHS Commission

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I’ve finalised my NHS commission, the finished artworks will be hung in Kentish Town Health Centre Baby and conference room.

Originally the Artworks have been hand illustrated by me and coloured by adults and children during my Interactive Art workshops (which were held to raise funds for charities Breast Cancer Care Beating Bowel Cancer).

I’ve spent several days cleaning up the images on photoshop, altering the contrast levels and cleaning the background of marks, but striving to keep the pictures as close to the originals as possible, showing both the precise intricate patterns onto the characters garments and the ‘outside the lines’ colouring and scribbles from the little ones who got involved….

These three will be produced as framed, A1 Giclee prints

Multi coloured doll

Patchwork doll small

This piece containing multiple characters will framed and printed as a 135x145cm giclee printLARGE PIECE NHS sml Man in black coat small

NHS Artwork commission

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Here’s a sneak peak at an NHS commission I’m currently working on, which will go on display in Kentish Town Health Centre Baby & Conference room.

I was approached after my solo exhibition as the trustees especially liked my Interactive Wallpaper Project, (which was held in aid of Breast Cancer Care and Beating Bowel Cancer). 

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Just Giving Art Fundraiser in memory

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So the last twelve months I’ve been updating lots on my Interactive Wallpaper Project, in which I’ve hand Illustrated a roll of wallpaper, taking it around London Galleries and Spaces including: Debut Contemporary, CGP Gallery and Free Space Gallery asking members of the public to colour in or paint the characters.

I’ve now set up a Just Giving Page in which people can name a character in honour a loved one or indeed themselves as a lasting tribute to everyone whose fought Cancer. In return for the donation I will name a character of you choice after that person, or for a donation of fifteen pounds I will Illustrate that person onto the wallpaper by hand.

The two completed rolls of wallpaper will be exhibited at a solo show at Free Space Gallery in February 2015.

veronica-rowlands-interactive-art-11 veronica-rowlands-interactive-art-event-debut-contemporary-2

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I lost my dear Stepfather Tim to Bowel Cancer in 2009 and now want to put my creative energy into  a project to help others and to honour Tim.

Read my story here and please do share and get involved x

As a child with my Mum and Tim

Tim x a15b7c68-749c-4556-ad5d-527afc4755c7


Interactive Wallpaper workshops at Kentish Town Health Centre

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Thursday morning I held my second ‘Interactive Art Event’ at Free Space Gallery. The first workshop was held on a Thursday evening bringing in a viewers of the A41 project and the second on Thursday morning during surgery times (‘Free Space Gallery‘ is part of Kentish Town Health Centre). Thank you to all who came along, you really brought helped brig the wallpaper to life and a huge thank you to those who donated to Breast Cancer Care Beating Bowel Cancer.

Wallpaper painting - Free Space Gallery 10354732_678005965616744_7571730768819328929_n 10410764_678005652283442_200905939550801629_n 10442530_678005828950091_1074631770727224075_n 10550958_678005515616789_8215703802480213209_n 10641263_678005598950114_5599527162553143754_n 10666088_678005818950092_23240348389127031_n 10686999_10152446069202982_5553781508451493339_n

Interactive Wallpaper project in aid of ‘Breast Cancer Care’ & ‘Beating Bowel Cancer

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The ‘Stress Busting Colouring’ workshops at CGP Gallery (every Friday of Summer 11-4 pm) are going fantastically, often with the same participants coming back weekly…and the wallpaper is looking AMAZING….i love how every adult and child add something completely new to this Artwork:

Stress Busting Wallpaper Colouring at CGP Gallery 10561671_669374143146593_1723076298995645796_n 10592871_669374499813224_2665452134316374076_n 10592908_669374833146524_6204154612810872676_n 10603359_669374223146585_3531516604841954530_n 10603666_669374763146531_2958080909739877230_n 10615566_669375399813134_2886363041796397942_n 

I’m also going to be holding a workshop with the painted wallpaper at Free Space Gallery (Kentish Town Health Centre) on Thursday 21st August 2014 (6-9 pm) to raise awareness & funds for Breast Cancer Care & Beating Bowel Cancer:



please come along and get involved…it’s for a great cause and as I’m always told ‘hugely therapeutic’: