Klimt inspired commission

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Edited, finished 120x150cm Klimt inspired commission.
I was asked to change the hair colour to make it look more like the new owner and so changed the background to black (which makes the characters jump off the canvas in contrast) very happy with the results….

It will be delivered to its new home in Notting Hill this weekend…

Original plan..




Klimt inspired ‘Love’ commission

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Here’s a peep at a Klimt inspired commission I’m currently working on (well this is a plan of the illustration and colour scheme) the actual artwork will be painted on a life-size canvas….excited!

I have so many ideas and avenues I want to explore with my Art this year including…more Klimt inspired nudes/love pieces, a ‘hybrid’ collection, ceramic dolls and trinket boxes and a series of mini paintings/sequences of characters in various settings for an auction in Notting Hill in March…

There just aren’t enough hours in the day at the moment…I want to do it all but keep on being inspired again and again by new things….can only be a good thing!


What little boys are made of…

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Never thought I’d illustrate a slug and like it ūüėČ

‘What little boys are made of’ a new illustration available as a print from my¬†Etsy shop

Such a cute gift for the Mr Valentine’s day…..

Thats what little boys are made of


Gorgeous Ceramics

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Just came across some gorgeous little ceramic pieces by Bristol based Little Birdy Crafts I’m absolutely in love with the charm of the characters, intricate detailing and vivid colours…. LOVE



Alternative Card range

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Sorry to say the word so early…

I’m working on a new Christmas Card range….an alternative slance on the twelve days of Christmas.
Avoiding the cliche bright greens & reds and obvious icons associated with the period, I’ve opted for a colour scheme inspired from retro, kitsch cards….

Words with an appropriate font will follow soon….

“Four Calling Birds”



CGP Annual Open Private View

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Yesterday was the Private View of the Annual Open at¬†CGP Gallery…..It was absolutely buzzing, beautifully curated with some fantastic pieces on display!


Here are two of the Artworks I submitted:

‘Dare I?’

Acrylic & Ink on Canvas



‘What’s This ?’

Acrylic & Ink on Canvas



Both Artworks are inspired from my new piece ‘The Tree Of Life & Growth’, I made them especially for the exhibition, as were approaching Christmas I wanted to create some affordable, accessible little originals.

Mythology, British Museum, Art & Trends

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Visited The British Museum this afternoon to see Witches & Wicked Bodies


Sketchbook Drawings

British Museum

On my way popped into Paperchase and saw their new stationary series appeared to be following a similar Mythology aesthetic…..Subsequently so did the competition I entered into¬†That Which We Do Not Understand¬†competition set by¬†Amelia’s Magazine…..I feel a trend on the horizon!

‘The Tree Of Life & Growth’

What We Dont Understand sml Veronica Rowlands copy

The Tree Of Life & Growth Veronica Rowlands

The brief for this competition has really taken me out of my comfort zone and brought my attention to new things…..I know what will inspire my next series!