Affordable Art for Affordable Counselling

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Dropped these little snippets of childhood imagination off at RR Gallery this morning…..accessible and affordable at just £50 each!
Ready for the ‘Affordable Art for Affordable Counselling’ auction in aid of Help Counselling on Thursday 26th March 2015

‘Childhood Miscellaneous’ series
Ink and acrylic on paper


Mexican bird girl 1 OWL Pink Bird

Gingerbread Lady girl on birds 2 1 Hedgebird Little birds Little Indian Animals£50 each

Childhood Miscellaneous colour theme inspiration

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Here’s a series of mini artworks (18x24cm) which I’ve made for the ‘Affordable Art for Affordable Counselling’ auction in aid of HELP Counselling on 26th March: 11042991_769428743141132_4293229595034916157_n I’ll also be taking along to my residency at Art Fix which starts on Saturday. I’ve been working on this large series of affordable illustrations for several weeks, these few have been inspired from the 1950’s children’s book The Wonderful Egg by Dahlov Ipcar. What I adore about this book is its restricted use of contrasting colours: pink, turquoise, yellow etc….so I’m sticking to a limited colour scheme for these little guys.  11058413_10152876425927982_5275998437363948634_n 11022_775043802579626_6406371147609758069_n 15626_775044859246187_2410509297860138222_n 1907455_10152876423162982_4522916874126095927_n 11038485_775043852579621_9051180828223849253_n 11039874_775043825912957_9196158598735687070_n 11053892_775044842579522_1550211220773547506_n 11069620_775043855912954_5524303321864679300_n 11069920_775044905912849_2783142034946038776_n Childhood Miscellaneous

‘Childhood Miscellaneous’ – inspired from the imagination of a child

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I’ve replicated images from my imagination at the time when I was a child……

I used to daydream for hours imagining a world of little people and animals who befriended them….
Just need to paint, frame and my mini artworks will be ready to go up with my my Illustrations for
‘Affordable Art for Affordable Counselling Exhibition ‘at RR Gallery 

‘Childhood Miscellaneous’ – inspired from the imagination of a child
16 x 24 cm
(Framed) Ink & Acrylic on paper
£42 each  with 50% of proceeds going to charity Help Counselling
Thursday 26th March 2015

St Peters Church
Kensington Park Road


11006381_769428693141137_8415095669008319013_n 11025210_769428709807802_3213801505687727862_n 11042959_769428723141134_1693768320820009382_n 11043252_770120189738654_7094694404498235936_n

W11 2PN

Live Project…finishes

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I’ve had a wonderful sixteen days showing at Live Christmas Project, loved every minute of it…working with super talented Artists & Designers and meeting wonderful people…..first day off in a while and I’m making my Christmas Cards…Merry Christmas! x x


Experimental Drawing workshop

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I’ll be holding an experimental drawing workshop this Friday 19th December (2-3pm) at Live Project (275-277 Fulham Road).
I’ll be taking you on an Artistic journey creating a series of of one & two minute drawings inspired from Matrioshka Dolls, teaching varying fast paced drawing techniques such as continuos line, reverse hand and one & two minute fast paced Illustrations.


Live Christmas Project update

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So day three in and things are in full swing at the Christmas Live Project.

I’m having such a wonderful time meeting interesting and lovely people, being inspired by my talented fellow Artists and talking about my work and inspiration.

One thing which has constantly been commented on my customers & visitors is how well the Artists’ work compliments each other….I’m delighted to be showing alongside Artists: Anu Samarüütel & Marina Ard – whom I know through Debut Contemporary Gallery. Our Artworks work in harmony together as we all have contemporary, playful handwriting.


10395190_10152645945122982_2759873374052063823_n 10431461_1505975149671442_2136620039744597186_n

Me doing some Live Drawing – hand painted greeting cards

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Live Project

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I’m just packing all of my creations up ready for the Live Project Christmas Pop Up (opening tomorrow afternoon – until 21st December 2104) please come along & join us for mince pies and chats at the family & friend opening event on Saturday afternoon: