Experimental Drawing Workshops

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Don’t forget I’m holding an Experimental Drawing workshop between 2-3pm today at Live Christmas Project (275 Fulham Rd) – nearest Tube South Kensington- I’ll also holding a second workshop at 6-7 pm tonight for those who won’t be able to make it in the daytime…You’ll leave with a mini masterpiece…inspired from Matrioshka Dolls – a perfect, personalised Christmas Gift! x



Experimental Drawing workshop

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I’ll be holding an experimental drawing workshop this Friday 19th December (2-3pm) at Live Project (275-277 Fulham Road).
I’ll be taking you on an Artistic journey creating a series of of one & two minute drawings inspired from Matrioshka Dolls, teaching varying fast paced drawing techniques such as continuos line, reverse hand and one & two minute fast paced Illustrations.


Left handed Drawing re-visited

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I’ve created an abundance of  two minute continuous line drawings and  left handed drawings over the past few weeks. Today I had an urge to revisit and develop into finalised Artwork:


Initial left handed Matrioshka Doll drawing which has been brought to life using Oil pastels &  acrylics

Veronica Rowlands Acrylic oil pastel and ink on paper


Experimental Fashion Illustration

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I held some more Experimental Fashion Illustration classes yesterday;

Even got my mum involved

Experimental Drawing

Oil pastels onto two minute, continuous line drawing

Experimental Drawing (2)

Oil pastels onto five minute intricate, line drawing (Matrioshka)

Experimental Drawing 3

Made-up character: Oil pastel & collage on paper

Experimental Drawing 4