The Tree of Life & Growth

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Sorry to be a stranger…I’ve been engrossed in my Art for several weeks (which has been wonderful).

Sunday evening I got my entry in ‘That Which We Do Not Understand‘ a competition set by Amelia’s Magazine.

I just had to enter when I saw the competition, it challenged me to think of something innovative and to source inspiration from new places.

‘This piece of work subtly embodies a range of concerning questions to which there is no answer.

Including the story of creation: temptation, what creatures unknown on earth exist on other planets and how has our perception of their appearance changed since medieval times.

This work is the fruit of a number of visits to the Grant Museum of Zoo-Ology with sketchbook in hand.’

‘The Tree Of Life & Growth’

Veronica Rowlands What We Don't Understand SML copy 2

I’ve made three colour ways….I feel this one would make a fabulous print for a silk neck scarf…

My Fashion Birdcage SALE

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Don’t forget that I am selling some off my all time favourite textile pieces on ‘My Fashion Birdcage’ each piece on there is handmade and one-off, they are on sale so be quick! 😀

Cat Handpainted Silk Scarf

Mr. Clown Silk Handkerschief

Toy Silk Handkerchief

Space Doll Neckscarf print

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I have just finished a unique neckscarf design for a client who requested a couture piece using my signature Space Doll It is to be digitally printed onto 2mtrs of cotton and the edges will be adorned with tassles.

My Fashion Birdcage

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Keep you’re eyes on :

When It’s fully up and running, I’ll be selling a few of my classic couture pieces on here; it’s going to be a fantastic website for shopping!
‘My Fashion Birdcage is a London based online boutique offering the most desirable collection of up and
coming designer clothing and accessories from around the world.’