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Klimt inspired commission

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Edited, finished 120x150cm Klimt inspired commission.
I was asked to change the hair colour to make it look more like the new owner and so changed the background to black (which makes the characters jump off the canvas in contrast) very happy with the results….

It will be delivered to its new home in Notting Hill this weekend…

Original plan..




Affordable Art for Affordable Counselling

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Dropped these little snippets of childhood imagination off at RR Gallery this morning…..accessible and affordable at just £50 each!
Ready for the ‘Affordable Art for Affordable Counselling’ auction in aid of Help Counselling on Thursday 26th March 2015

‘Childhood Miscellaneous’ series
Ink and acrylic on paper


Mexican bird girl 1 OWL Pink Bird

Gingerbread Lady girl on birds 2 1 Hedgebird Little birds Little Indian Animals£50 each

Childhood Miscellaneous colour theme inspiration

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Here’s a series of mini artworks (18x24cm) which I’ve made for the ‘Affordable Art for Affordable Counselling’ auction in aid of HELP Counselling on 26th March: 11042991_769428743141132_4293229595034916157_n I’ll also be taking along to my residency at Art Fix which starts on Saturday. I’ve been working on this large series of affordable illustrations for several weeks, these few have been inspired from the 1950’s children’s book The Wonderful Egg by Dahlov Ipcar. What I adore about this book is its restricted use of contrasting colours: pink, turquoise, yellow etc….so I’m sticking to a limited colour scheme for these little guys.  11058413_10152876425927982_5275998437363948634_n 11022_775043802579626_6406371147609758069_n 15626_775044859246187_2410509297860138222_n 1907455_10152876423162982_4522916874126095927_n 11038485_775043852579621_9051180828223849253_n 11039874_775043825912957_9196158598735687070_n 11053892_775044842579522_1550211220773547506_n 11069620_775043855912954_5524303321864679300_n 11069920_775044905912849_2783142034946038776_n Childhood Miscellaneous

‘Childhood Miscellaneous’ – inspired from the imagination of a child

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I’ve replicated images from my imagination at the time when I was a child……

I used to daydream for hours imagining a world of little people and animals who befriended them….
Just need to paint, frame and my mini artworks will be ready to go up with my my Illustrations for
‘Affordable Art for Affordable Counselling Exhibition ‘at RR Gallery 

‘Childhood Miscellaneous’ – inspired from the imagination of a child
16 x 24 cm
(Framed) Ink & Acrylic on paper
£42 each  with 50% of proceeds going to charity Help Counselling
Thursday 26th March 2015

St Peters Church
Kensington Park Road


11006381_769428693141137_8415095669008319013_n 11025210_769428709807802_3213801505687727862_n 11042959_769428723141134_1693768320820009382_n 11043252_770120189738654_7094694404498235936_n

W11 2PN

‘Human Suffering’ PV at Debut Contemporary in aid of Harrisons Fund

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Last night was the Private View of Human Suffering Part 2 ‘When Boys Become Men’ at Debut Contemporary in aid of Harrisons Fund. The intense creativity in the Gallery was magical and the more I learn about the charity the prouder I feel to be supporting such a worthy cause – please do have a look at the website – the charity need desperately need exposure and funds to find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

10369126_10152640695232982_8438819894448006478_n 10422952_10152640695252982_1663314292028907141_n

Experimental Fashion Illustration classes at Debut Contemporary Gallery

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So yesterday was my second Experimental Fashion Illustration class at Debut Contemporary Gallery – the next one will be on Wednesday 11th June and the classes will continue on the second Wednesday of every month (7-9pm)


Veronica Rowlands is a London based practising artist and experienced art teacher and tutor who enjoys making her lessons therapeutic and highly productive.
 Have you ever wanted to be taken out of your comfort zone with your drawing to create cutting edge Fashion Illustrations in a short space of time?

Veronica Rowlands Once in a Dream Acrylic gesso oil pastel and beading on canvas 76x142cm

Now you can….. Veronica Rowlands is running Fashion Illustration classes at the Debut Contemporary Gallery in Notting Hill,(first one   Wednesday 14th May, second 28th May and then one to follow on the second Wednesday of every month.
You will be introduced to a range of media and taught different methods of drawing to two minute deadlines and at the end of the session use your new found drawing style to create a unique piece of artwork.

Veronica Rowlands Scratch the Surface acrylic ink oil pastels and gesso on canvas 76x152cm

The tight time deadlines leave no time to dither, meaning that you will work from the subconscious. By the end of the session you will have created an artwork unique to you and your tastes.

Veronica Rowlands Space Doll Digital print edition of 50 29


Big Purchase..little bunny

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It was my Birthday last Tuesday and for weeks I’d been contemplating a special ornament I’d seen in an antique shop, this ornament is from the 1920’s and is of a small child dressed up as a rabbit placed in a glass dome.

I first saw it at Les Couilles Du Chien (near Westborne Grove) as soon as I lay eyes on it I had to go for a first hand look! I instantly fell in love with him; this little doll seems to echo my work so well and I’ve never had such an overwhelming urge to own something (considering he cost £97 it wasn’t a decision to be taken lightly, especially with the amount of practical things I need at the moment).

After three further visits to the shop I knew it had to be…..I’ve never been so inspired with a single purchase in my life and I strongly believe that when you can’t get something out of your head it’s a sign.

He is now homed on my bedroom shelf surrounded by photo frames and little ornaments which make it home…


Debut Contemporary’s third birthday party

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I can’t wait for the Debut Contemporary third birthday party on Wednesday evening….I will be there alongside my Fashion Dolls.

If you wish to come along just RSVP to to put your name on the guest list

Debut Contemporary PV

‘Dream Abstraction’ series finished

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I’ve finished off my three Artworks which will be exhibited at the RR Gallery (Notting Hill) and auctioned at the Dream Ball on 7th March with 50% of the sale price going to charity HELP Counselling.

The event promises to be magical and unforgettable! when else would you be given the opportunity dress up as a Dream Character & join a Costume Parade & contest in the same evening as an Art auction?! and best of all it’s for such a worthy cause! The tickets are selling FAST so don’t delay and purchase yours here:

I have taken a more abstract approach to the works I have created for this….my work always has a surreal, dream-like feel and naturally dreams are never clear nor follow any logic (mine certainly don’t) so I’ve allowed them to follow their own path.

There are Influences from the Paul Klee exhibition which I saw at the Tate Modern last week.

‘Dream Abstraction’ – series (2014)

Mixed Media: Acrylic, gesso and ink on canvas 50x40cm

Veronica Rowlands Dream Abstraction 2014 (2)

Veronica Rowlands Dream Abstraction 2014 (3) Veronica Rowlands Dream Abstraction 2014 (4) Veronica Rowlands Dream Abstraction 2014


Dream Ball Artworks

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Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for ‘The Dream Ball’ quickly as they’re selling out quickly. The night is set to be unforgettable and all in aid of a highly worth while cause:

Dream Ball

Here are two of the Artworks I’ll be exhibiting at the RR Gallery & auctioning on the evening with 50% going to ‘The Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education and ‘HELP Counselling Centre’

I’m just waiting for a few layers of paint to dry……….

Dream Abstraction’ – series

Acrylic, gesso and ink on canvas

Veronica Rowlands Dream Abstraction Veronica Rowlands Dream Abstraction 1