Oil Pastels

Left handed Drawing re-visited

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I’ve created an abundance of  two minute continuous line drawings and  left handed drawings over the past few weeks. Today I had an urge to revisit and develop into finalised Artwork:


Initial left handed Matrioshka Doll drawing which has been brought to life using Oil pastels &  acrylics

Veronica Rowlands Acrylic oil pastel and ink on paper



Experimental Fashion Illustration

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I held some more Experimental Fashion Illustration classes yesterday;

Even got my mum involved

Experimental Drawing

Oil pastels onto two minute, continuous line drawing

Experimental Drawing (2)

Oil pastels onto five minute intricate, line drawing (Matrioshka)

Experimental Drawing 3

Made-up character: Oil pastel & collage on paper

Experimental Drawing 4

Experimental Fashion Illustration Classes

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I’m back in my hometown of Bristol for a few days over Easter….with a pile of admin…………..

Today I thought I’d escape the paperwork and run through some new ideas I wish to try out for future Art classes; so I invited some friends around to have a trial lesson run through.

The students started with a one minute continuous line drawing and went on to create a series of works using oil pastel and a final large scale drawing using pastel, ink and collaged paper and photographs.

Unfortunately being away from home I have limited resources so we had to run through with ink pastels and coloured paper/magazine articles (in my lessons there’s a vast selection of inks paints as well).

Teaching always leaves me feeling most inspired; advising people helps develop my own thoughts and concepts as well as seeing how my students interpret tasks using their own, unique handwriting.

A great start to the day!

Fashion Illustration 2

Matrioshka Dolls were the subject matter for the initial drawings (two minute continuous line drawings with a further ten minutes to colour and finalise).

Fashion Illustration 3

Students proceed to invent their own characters taking inspiration  from previous drawings and techniques learnt

Fashion Illustration 5 Fashion Illustration Prep

Finalised Illustration created using Oil pastels, collaged photographs and previous drawings as print.


Colourful Art workshops

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I absolutely love this colourful, naively drawn artwork created by a year 5 student in my afterschool Mixed Media Art workshop; the students have been drawing a selection of vintage and modern toys from different angles, first using oil pastels, next fluorescent acrylic paints and next week adding in more detail using intricate collage techniques to depict detail, so we will be using a range of processes and skills learned onto one piece for a number of weeks:

Veronica Rowlands Art workshops yr 5